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Specialty, Expert, Experienced or Celebrity Clowns

Some Of Our Clowns:

Our lovable Clowns will entertain children of all ages and keep everybody roaring with laughter! We feature hundreds of Clowns with a variety of talents, skills and tricks such as our:
Party Clowns Walk Around Clowns
Circus Clowns Stilt Walking Clowns
Magic Clowns Bi-lingual Clowns
Ethnic Clowns Jester Clowns



These fabulously funny performers will amaze and bring joy to adults and children alike with their Magic, Balloon Sculpturing, Face Painting, Jokes, Juggling, Gags, Slapstick Comedy, Storytelling, Indoor/Outdoor games, and much, much more!   Fun for the whole family! Lots of audience participation! Fun! Silliness! Laughter!


All of our Clowns are professionally trained and have many years of experience performing for children of all ages. Some have worked with Ringling Brothers, Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers & Big Apple Circus.

We are offering $5.00 - $25.00 off on all shows, but please mention you saw us on the INTERNET!

212-544-8153 ext. 4.

Under 15 Children:
Effective Immediately
"One Hour" Clown Show
Will consist of the following:
Full Magic Show, Face Painting, Animal Balloons & Comedy. Based on "under 15 kids" who are "over" age one.

Over 15 Children:
Clown Show includes
Magic Show & Balloons & Comedy only. If you require "Face Painting" an extra 1/2 hour is needed for a total of 1-1/2 hours party. Note: Face Painting is the most time consuming of all the skills. Also, we do not give balloons or face paint kids who are under age one.  

We Now Have Two Levels of Clowns:

Level 1 ------ Silver (Basic Skills)
Level 2 ------ Gold "Top of the Line"  (Advanced Skills -($75 more))
*Please Specify Level When Inquiring*

Need A Clown In South Florida?

Florida Clowns

Providing Florida clowns, magicians, and singing telegrams in South Florida, Broward County, Dade County, and Miami County.

Call 212-544-8153 x4

More Info on Florida Clowns

The Specialty Puppet/Clown Show

Featuring: Rainbow The Clown

Show Consists Of:

  • 20-30 Minute Puppet Show
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Animals

Based On 15 Kids

DOC MAGIC Click Here to Donate
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Traveling Hospital Clown Program

Clown Doctors

Child Hospital Donations


Hospital Clowns

OBJECTIVE: To provide quality, dependable hospital clown services to hospitalized children. Helping to ease boredom, stress, and pain with Laughter & Humor.

Clown Magic Party Entertainment has established a hospital clown visitation program called DOC MAGIC (DM) Traveling Hospital Clown Troupe.

This very special program (non-profit) brings Laughter, Smiles & Joy to the bed sides of hospitalized children 2-3 days a week - 50 weeks a year.

Our concept is SIMPLE: "Clown Doctors-Nurses" (SM) (not medical doctors) provides relief for Sick Children & Families in Hospital. They use their skills such as : magic tricks, mime, puppets, juggling, music, balloon animals, story-telling, silly songs, general foolishness, etc.. to help them deal with a wide range of emotions they might experience while hospitalized: boredom, anxiety, loneliness, and fear. All for a SMILE to help brighten their day. A very simple concept.

Presently DOC MAGIC'S Traveling Hospital Clowns covers NY, NJ, CT & PA. We wish to expand to other states & abroad in the future. Your help is needed. Click on the Donate link to help a sick child Smile.


  There are five ways to donate:

  • Online --- Click on the above link

  • Via Telephone

  • Via Mail

  • Via Fax


  • At the time you book your party entertainment, please let us know the amount you wish to donate tax free.

 Special Note: We are not affiliated with The Big Apple Circus - Clown Care Unit (CCU) TM.

DOC MAGIC - Child Hospital Donations, Clown Doctors & Hospital Clowns



"All the World Loves A Clown"

Laughter Medicine

Have you heard about the baby born in the high-tech delivery room? - It was cordless.

Doctor to patient: Your condition is so rare, we're not even sure we're pronouncing it right.

Real sick notes received by Teachers:

  • Mary could not go to school because she was bothered by very close veins.
  • Please excuse James from PE. He has loose vowels.
  • My son has been told by his doctor not to take PE. Please execute him.
  • Please excuse John for being. It was his father's fault.


Clown show consists of a "mini" magic show, face painting & balloon animals; next, the Character of your choice enters to the theme song, lots of Hugs & High 5's, musical games, photo posing, etc.

Note: Activities may differ with amount of kids. (Free Polaroid camera if requested. Client is responsible for supplying 600 series film).


The Laughing Clown
more to come...

Bingo Your Friendly Clown

Bingo is a highly qualified children's entertainer

Human Hands-On Clowning
Old Fashion Clowning

Show Consists of 1/2 Face Painting &  1/2 Balloon

Note: Best availability in Manhattan

Note: Bingo does not do a magic show

1/2 Hour "Character Only" Appearances
  • Meeting & Greeting
  • Hugs - High 5's
  • Free Polaroid Camera*
  • 20 Free Frames
* You supply 600 series film
Note: 1/2 hour show available in Manhattan & The Bronx - until further notice.
Subject to availability. Up to 20 kids only. Fairy Tale Princesses not included in this offer.

 Baby  / Toddler's Birthday Party

Designed for babies/toddlers turning 1 and 2 and their parents. Up to ten little ones and ten parents can participate at once. Our host will bring an industrial parachute complete with tons of age appropriate songs and games to play. Additionally, age appropriate instruments will be brought so that all children create their own music and play along with the music provided or play with bubbles. Several favorite interactive songs.

LENGTH: 1 1/2 Hours


Cotton Candy Rentals

Everyone Loves Cotton Candy 
Kids and the Young-at-Heart 
Bring that Big Time Carnival Experience to Your Event !!!

$150.00 PER HOUR - 50-70 SERVING 







Summer is Here! Make Sno-Cones for your next party or for your groups event.


Costumed Characters

All of our Costumed Character look-a-likes come with their own pre-recorded theme music and will dance, play games, march, pose for pictures with everyone and sing "Happy Birthday" making your special occasion festive and full of fun!

Our Walk Around Costumed Characters can add that special touch to any event by greeting guests, posing for pictures, drawing instant crowds and dancing around with everyone. We have hundreds of characters available and the list is constantly growing! Some of our most popular include:

Dora Hi!

Blues Klues Power Rangers Dragon Babies
Pooh Red Funny Monster Cookie Monster
Mr. & Mrs. Mouse Superheroes JoJo
Pica-a-chu Carpet Rats TV Tubbies
Scoobie Doggie Dalmations Tweety Bird
Power P. Gals Blue House Bear Buzz Light Yr
Kitty the Kat Strawberry Gal  Sponge B Guy
Kim Possible Bugs B Shark Tales
Lilo & Stitch Dora the Expl. Bratz
The Hulk Wiggles Boots
Care Bears Cat in the Hat Incredibles
Shrek Nemo Hello! Backyard Blue Penguin
  Seasonal Characters
 and Many More!

NOTE: "PARTIES IN PARKS"  Effective Summer 2004, for "SAFETY" reasons, we will no longer book Costumed Characters in "PARKS". Reason: Strangers or Rat Packs have a tendency to use Mascot heads as punching bags oblivious to the fact a "Real Person" is within... Even small, neighborhood-friendly parks also applies. Moms, Clown Parties in Parks OK. However, Entertainer must be met at the Entrance & Escorted to your party area - NO EXCEPTIONS!

A "RAIN DATE" is required for all outdoor events or you may elect to move indoors.

N.Y.C. Kids Party Packages
NYC - The Big Apple


Bronx Zoo Kids Party Package

30 Minute Costume Character Show
30 Minutes Balloon Animals
30 Minutes Face Painting

Central Park Kids Party Package

45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
30 Minute Costume Character Show
1 Hour Balloon Animals OR 1 Hour Face Painting

Statue of Liberty Kids Party Package

45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
1 Hour Balloon Animals
1 Hour Face Painting

Big Top Circus Kids Party Package

2 Hours of Kiddy DJ Entertainment
45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
1 Hour Balloon Animals OR 1 Hour Face Painting
NOTE: Please ask for packages by its name only.



Are your children afraid of Clowns or Costumed Characters? 

  • Festively Dressed Performers

  • Non-Threatening

Activities based on amount of kids can include magic shows, face painting, animal balloon sculptures, musical games, comedy, etc..



Our Easter Bunnies are happy working at Corporate functions, private parties at home or simple parties "in the park" (Easter Hunt)

Easter Bunnies add Fun & Excitement to any gathering around Easter Time

Will lead your Egg Hunt plus assist with Games and Activities

Different Shows and Appearances Available..

For Magic Show, Balloon Animals and/or Face Painting, Clown or A Festively Dressed Performer/Easter Bunny Combination needed

Available All Year

Balloon Sculptors  

Every age group loves our balloon sculptors! They are some of the most talented balloon artists around, making everything from monkeys to motorcycles. They add fun to every event, plus give kids a gift they can take home with them! 

Balloon Twisting Workshop

If you're expecting an older crowd (although we've seen four year olds pick this up incredibly fast), something different and exciting for your child is the Clown  Magic Balloon Workshop! Let one of our friendly staff teach your guests how to twist crazy balloon animals and hats! We will provide the pumps and balloons for a minimum of 10 children or less for one hour. It's amazing how much pride kids develop with their unique, new skill!

  • Ideal for ages 5 - 12

  • Great for Birthday Parties, Public Libraries, Schools, Camps, and Recreation Departments

AKA The Balloon Hat Guy

If you're looking for something exciting for your next birthday or corporate event let our Balloon Hat Guy dazzle & entertain your guests with the Art of Hat Balloon Sculpting!

It's an adorable and easy way to "liven" up any event and leave your guests with their very own memorable balloon sculptured hat.

Note: The Balloonatic guy/gal specializes in making "Advanced Balloon Hats Only" to decorate your events. If you require dogs/swords/etc request our "Regular" Animal Balloon Sculptures.



Smiley Face


The Children go crazy for our face painters! They're perfect for Birthdays, Picnics, Family reunions, anywhere you want to keep the children entertained for hours at a time.

Themed Face Painters or Balloonist

Now instead of a clown or a regular dressed performer - we now offer the following outfits for theme related parties:

Hula Girl Outfit Pirate
Cinderella Superman
Belle Batman
Snow White Dorothy of Oz

NOTE: Please do not confuse above show with Superheroes/Princess section



KIDDIE HAWAIIAN SHOW: Program includes a professional dancer to perform and teach children ages 4 and up, or a professional face painter/balloon artist dressed to the Luau Theme.

  • Dancer: 45 minutes

  • Face Painter/Balloons



Transform your event by filling it with painted faces!

With a team of up to 20 artists they can transform any size event.

  • Amazingly Fast - 3 1/2 minutes per face
  • Every face is a unique work of art
  • As much fun to watch as be painted
  • Adults as well as kids get painted
  • Safe, washable make-up
  • Generates memories and photographs people will cherish for years
New Concept: Face is treated as "Pure Canvas" less as a face to produce a fantastic work of art!!

Bring your theme to life on the faces of your guests!

Animals * Marine Life * Sun, Moon and Stars * Modern Art * Science Fiction * World Masks * Cartoons * Corporate Logos * Flowers * Mardi Gras * Halloween * Sports * Christmas * Unlimited Themes

Transform your guests into living works of art!

Transformation! Facepainting Party

Target- Age 3 and up, including older kids

Description- Transformation! Facepainting means full faces, turning kids into animals, monsters, butterflies, princesses or just about anything. They do it quickly and it's very fun to watch also. They try to get kids to use their imaginations and each become something different. They can do special themes, such as animal safari parties, or fairytale parties, etc.

How it works- Their artist can do up to 25 kids in 1 1/2 hours. Everyone gets painted. To start, the kids will want to gather around and watch, after some are done they'll be free to do other things, so the facepainter can work while other activities are going on.

  • Events- Public Events, Festivals, Company Picnics, Promotions, etc. (minimum 2 hours)

  • Parties- Theme Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.

Special Note: When Inquiring or Booking keep in mind "Face Transformation" (Mask-Style Faces) differs from the "Regular Face Painters" - It's a step-above. Prices are slightly higher.

Face Transformers are:

  • Sculptors

  • Graphic Artists

  • Theatrical Make-Up Specialists

Henna Tattoos
Henna Tattoos

Henna Body Painting

Sometimes known as Henna Body Painting. The ancient art of Mehndi, or Henna Tattoos has been practiced for thousands of years in the Middle East, Morocco, Africa, and India. Mehndi is painless, temporary and all natural. Each design lasts one to two weeks and is highly decorative and ornamental. 

Mehndi is traditionally painted on the body for special occasions and celebrations, like weddings, birthdays, other life passages, etc. Mehndi art is ideal for parties, events, bridal showers, sweet 16's, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc.

Tattoo Artist

Our Professional Artist will come to your event and hand paint dazzling Temporary Tattoos.

Your guests choose from a large variety of designs in our design books.

Lasts 2-5 days, resists water and can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Airbrush Face Painting

New trend at large events for Summertime

Olympic Game Fest Summer 2009


All kinds of games! Our referee will show up with games equipment in tow! Ranging from potato sacks, tunnels, hula hoops, tug-of-war, relay races/3-legged races, eggs on spoons, hilarious contests, etc..

  • Games may vary

  • Great for "outdoor" Company Picnics, to keep the kids occupied

N.Y.C. Party Packages
Special Summer Deals

NYC - The Big Apple

Save Money With A Combination of Our Most Popular packages

Is it your job to organize your Company Picnic, Block Party, Street Fair, or Festival this year?

Take a look at our suggested packages below:

Note: Please inquire by "Party Package Name" only.

(For kids birthday private parties see Clown section for those packages)



Bronx Zoo Party Package

30 Minute Costume Character Show
30 Minutes Balloon Animals
30 Minutes Face Painting


Central Park Party Package

45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
30 Minute Costume Character Show
1 Hour Balloon Animals OR 1 Hour Face Painting


Statue of Liberty Party Package

45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
1 Hour Balloon Animals
1 Hour Face Painting


Times Square Party Package

4 Hours of Great DJ Entertainment
45 Minute Comedy Magic Show
1 Hour Balloon Animals OR 1 Hour Face Painting


Yankee Stadium Party Package

Disc Jockey to play party favorites (4 hours). Games master to facilitate sack races, tug-o-war, relay races, etc. & many more favorites for your guests (2 hours). Clown to do face painting and balloons for (2 hours).


Coney Island Party Package

Disc Jockey to play party favorites (4 hours). Games master to facilitate sack races, tug-o-war, relay races, etc. & many more favorites for your guests (2 hours). Clown to do face painting and balloons (2 hours). Magician to do a stage show or walk around magic for your guests (1 hour). Medium bounce house (4 hours).


Empire State Building Party Package

Steel Drummer or Guitarist (1 hour). Disc Jockey to play party favorites (4 hours). Games master to facilitate sack races, tug-o-war, egg toss & many more favorites (2 hours). 2 Clowns to do face painting and balloons (4 hours). Medium bounce house (4 hours). Rock Climbing wall or Slide Bouncer. Hula or Belly Dancer (45 minutes).

If these packages do not fit your needs, please call so that we can customize a picnic package for you!

NOTE: Prices vary outside N.Y.C.


As an add-on to any of the above packages...

Special Discounted Rates on:

  • Caricaturists
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Cotton Candy

CARNIVAL GAMES: 4-6 Carnival games of fun and skill for ages 3 to 12. Great for birthdays, company picnics, fund raisers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, holidays, etc. Accommodates 15 to 200 children. Call for details and exact price.

  • 1 Hr. (up to 50 children)

  • 2 Hr. (up to 100 children)

  • 3 Hr. (up to 150 children)

  • 4 Hr. (up to 200 children)

  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Ring Toss
  • Ring Around Seal
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Etc..



If you are planning a party and want to keep the kids busy so the party goes smoothly and doesn't turn into a wild free-for-all.


Can Include:

  • Musical Chairs

  • Simon Says

  • Limbo

  • Hot Potato

  • Freeze Tag

  • Duck Duck Goose

  • Hopscotch

  • Bean Bag Toss, etc..

  • Chicken Dance









1 Hour or 1 1/2 hours

Prizes suggested. Games Vary by Performer. 

Sand Art

A proven crowd pleaser..

For Group Events: 
  • Birthday Parties
  • Camps
  • Fairs
  • Churches
  • Day Cares
  • Preschools
  • Festivals
  • Fund Raisers
  • Company Picnics
  • Bar Mitzvahs

Sand Art

Extreme Fun! Kids of all ages LOVE Sand Art! Even adults enjoy creating colorful masterpieces.

Arts and Crafts

Beautiful Arts and Crafts. Pick on or two or three and get a special combination price, Wow!! The kids have fun while being occupied and being creative is good for them. These are all items they make and get to take home at the end of the party. You'll love it!

Choose from:
  • Spin Art
  • Candy Art
  • Origami
  • Puppet
  • Seasonal Crafts (Easter, Halloween, Christmas)
  • Necklace & Bracelets
  • Multicolored Popsicle Sculptures
  • Decorating Crowns for Princess Parties

 Note: Crafts varies with each artist


Our amazing Magicians will dazzle your guests with their astonishing illusions and magical presentations as they bring sheer joy and wonder to children of all ages! Our illustrious Magicians will have you at the edge of your seat as they Razzle Dazzle you with spellbinding illusions and amazing tricks they pull out of their hats! We feature a dazzling array of talented Magicians such as our:

Party Magician Illusionist
Stage Illusion Show Clown Magician
Walk-Around Magician    Grand Illusion Show
Promotional Magic

Children's Magic Show - can include Animal Balloons.

Ask about Live Doves or Rabbits, Sawing in Half or Levitation.

* For kids parties Clown Magic now offers two (2) "levels" of Magicians

  • Silver

  • Gold ($75 - $100 Extra)

Be Sure to Specify

Specialty Magician Shows

...Ask about our WIZARD Magician Act 

Wizard Wonders Magic Show
Dressed in a medieval wizard's costume, Magician will astound "muggle" audiences with this wizard themed magic show. Takes of dragons, never-ending magic potions, and amazing chemical experiments are just some of the illusions proving the impossible is possible when you are a true wizard.

Magician has dug through his grandfathers old wizard's trunk and found some very puzzling tricks, some that even he can't explain.

This show wouldn't be complete without a magical appearance by a live bunny. If all the guests wish very hard, a silly rabbit balloon visibly turns into a "real" rabbit. Balloon animals can be included at end. 

This is our # 1 requested Specialty Magician Act.

Zoo/Safari Magic Show
Magic at the Zoo

This show is just as much a safari as it is magic. It seems like all the animals have something magical about them. Dressed for the depths of the jungle, Magician explores the mysteries of the animals in this delightful magic show.

With a pith helmet in place of his top hat, the Magician takes his audience on a tour of a magical zoo in this exciting animal themed show. All the animals get involved with the magic - the monkey vanishes, the seal balances a card on her nose, fish leap and multiply, and a tiger even appears! Magician has collected many beautiful props for this show which was developed at the Central Park Zoo.

Of course no zoo magic show would be complete without a magical appearance of REAL animals. The Magician wants to take a beautiful bunny home from the zoo, but how will he ever sneak it past the Zoo Keeper? Make it a flat bunny! The audience and the Magician leave the zoo with a flattened bunny. The Zoo Keeper doesn't even notice! Outside the zoo, Magician reverses the spell and out of the magic box comes Freckles a live bunny!

Once everyone has had a chance to meet Freckles, Magician finishes the show by making balloon animals for all of the guests.

By Jimmy The Magician

Straight from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - It's Harry Potter! 

You can have Harry come to your party and watch as he dazzles you with Magic and tells Stories from his Adventures at Hogwarts. He will levitate objects, practice his potions and do a whirlwind of Magic tricks that is sure to turn heads - 

45 min shows - 15 min of Balloons - Magician dresses as character of Harry.

The Magic of Hogwarts by Michael
Harry Potter Themed Magic Show

World renowned author J.K. Rowling and her incredible Harry Potter series have captivated children and adults alike throughout the world. Magician Michael has harnessed this enchanting power and now brings all the magic of Harry Potter to you in his remarkable new fun-filled Harry Potter themed magic show entitled, The Magic of Hogwarts. Join Michael as he journeys in the wizarding world where anything is possible.

In this interactive, theatrical presentation, Michael plays the part of a representative of the Ministry of Magic who demonstrates the magical basics of what children would learn in the various classes at Hogwarts! Michael takes prospective Hogwarts students (the audience) on a small journey through each class. Witness a magic wand mysteriously move and float in Spells & Charms class. To demonstrate Transfiguration, watch as three records magically change color! Magic and mayhem occur during the Care of Magical Creatures Segment where mice are juggled, tarantulas appear, and a baby basilisk gets loose in the audience! Michael and the audience read each others minds and see into the future while experimenting in Divination. Finally, Potions class means chaos for Michael as he accidentally drinks a rainbow potion causing him to pull a rainbow streamer from his mouth that is over 25 feet long!

  • The Magic of Hogwarts Full Hour Stage Magic Show
    Recommended for large audiences, theaters, libraries and schools

  • The Magic of Hogwarts Deluxe Birthday Show with Balloons (1 Hour)

  • The Magic of Hogwarts Birthday Show without Balloons (45 minutes)

Ask about specialty magic shows

Magicians can dress as Dracula , Vampire, Witch,  Scarecrow or regular outfit
Advanced Booking Required


Magic Workshop /Master Class
A very popular alternative to having a magic show is holding a Magic Master Class where all attendees become Certified Magicians! Exploring the many styles of magic, Magician shares the secrets of basic magic and provides a package of supplies for every student to take home. Classes can be held in one session (as in a birthday party setting), or several meetings, each focusing on a different area of magic. Classes held over many sessions often culminate in a performance for family and friends. Magician has taught privately, in small groups, and for entire summer camps. 

The Magic & Illusions of
Hoey The Magician
"Specialty Stage Show"

  • Magic
  • Illusions
  • Live Doves & Rabbits
  • Audience Participation
  • Comedy
  • Fun
  • Laughter
  • Levitations
  • Sawing in Half
  • Excitement, Drama & More...
  • Self Contained
New York Magician NYC
Hands will clap in thunderous applause as Master Magician Hoey provides this breathtaking production for your celebration or event... Kids to Adults (this is a "stage" format).

Theme Magic

Invite a Pirate, Wizard, Genie, Cinderella, or Glinda (Good Witch from Oz), to spice up your child's party

Most shows can include animal balloon sculptures

Live Dove or Rabbit is $25 extra

Alice's Magical Adventure




Cheshire Cat
Ages: Pre-School to Age 9
Note: Best Availability in NJ

Alice's Magical Adventure

The Story of Alice in Wonderland is told through Magic

Join Rich as he takes your boys and girls on a magical adventure with Alice as she passes through the looking glass to Wonderland.

The children will visit with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and try to remember how to tell one from the other.

Humpty Dumpty falls off his wall and the children do what all the King's horses and all the King's men could not... They put him back together again.

The caterpillar meets the children (he no longer smokes, it's bad for him if he wants to grow up to be the best he can be) and changes into a butterfly. Be on the lookout for the Cheshire Cat, he's everywhere.

The show includes a stop at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party to visit with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Dormouse.

Finally, we attend the trial of the Jack of Hearts (who stole some vanishing tarts), and one of the children "wakes up" dressed as Alice, to find that the pack of cards were just the falling autumn leaves. 

Captain Rich's Pirate Magic Show

Captain Rich's Pirate Magic ShowPirate Ship

YO! HO! HO! And a box of juice drink!

The Pirate Magic Show is coming to an ocean near you.

Join Captain Rich on his magical journey on the Look n' Sea.

Laugh with him as his "first mate" Racoona appears to play a trick on the children.

Meet the notorious "Pumpkin Patch" and his (or her) mateys.

See the "Magical" treasure chest and the wonderful things hidden inside.

Don't scuttle your chances to come aboard the "Good Ship Racoona"!

Several children are dressed up in pirate hat, patch, earring. No weapons!

Avast there! Call now for our next port of call!!

For: Groups ranging from Pre-School up to ages 9.

Note: This show available in State of N.J. only.

The Teddy Bear Picnic Magic Show

The children are invited to bring their teddy bears to the show. An excellent show for Christenings and first birthday parties. Plays for audiences up to seven or eight. Three wicker hampers with bears on them for the tables. The stage is decorated with teddy bears, at one point several children are dressed up to tell the story of when Winnie the Pooh ate so much honey he couldn't get out of Rabbit's door. This is done with honey jars that multiply and change into cans of evaporated milk. If it's a birthday, the birthday child plays their choice of characters. If the event is inside, or sheltered from wind, a larger version is available.

This show features two hand made curtains approximately six foot square. They are decorated with quilted bears, having a picnic.. Bears are eating quilted food, playing on a see saw, flying kites, and more. The children help sing two songs, "Boy That Bear Makes Me Crazy" and they snore for the chorus of "The Snoring Bear". With an older audience the music is dropped and more magic and/or bits of business are added to maintain the length of the show.

Teddy Bear Picnic Magic Show

Note: Best availability in NJ. If in NY - Extra travel fees applies.


Comedians For Kid's Parties

Kids Love To Laugh



Hilarious, clean, interactive comedy show for children.

Kiddy & Family Friendly!

Age: 5 to Teens
Length: 20 minutes

"No Offensive Material or Profanity"

Excellent for:

  • Birthdays

  • Camps

  • Christenings

  • Churches

  • Schools

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc


Ballet Birthday Parties

Fun & Adorable

What a better way for an aspiring ballerina to spend her Birthday than through a magical journey of dance & imagination!

Entertainer takes "Your Ballerina Princess" and her friends (young gentlemen, princes & cavaliers welcome!) through the enchanting world of ballet in celebration of her birthday she'll remember for years to come...

For ages 3 to 9

One hour of Dancical magical fun!

Make your little girl's dream of being the "Star Ballerina" come true. Book today!

Note: Mom's please mention in your invites guests should arrive in some sort of dance/princess attire of their own choosing. Boys can wear comfortable stretch pants or bike shorts.

Children's Hula Parties

Hula Shows


Add that special something to your Hawaiian/Tropical Theme Dance Parties

  • Dance Show

  • Lessons

  • Games

In Some Areas: Magic Tricks, Face Painting & Balloon Twisting can be included after the show

Story Tellers 

Once upon a time... there were many girls who loved to tell stories.

  • scary stories -

  • silly stories -  

  • surprising stories -

stories with magic to tickle your funny bone and make you happy! Our storytellers bring to life timeless tales from around the world.

Come one... Come all... just remember to bring your ears!

Folk Tales Fairy Tales Legends

Myths Multicultural Stories

Storytelling Programs for ages 2-12

  • Performances are 30 or 45 minutes

  • Featuring audience participation

  • Schools, Museums, Zoos, Hospitals, Libraries, Girl & Boy Scout Troops, Nature Centers, Private Parties..

 Bar Mitzvah DJs

Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs

Bar Mitzvah Entertainment

We at Clown Magic took our time breaking into the Bar Mitzvah parties & Bat Mitzvah parties markets. We understand the importance of this day - and have hired knowledgeable, professional DJ's trained in the tradition and festivities of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Bar Mitzvah PartiesBat Mitzvah Entertainment

We have a Wide Selection of Packages to choose from:

DJ's, Virtual Reality, Game Shows, hypnotists, motivation dancers, jugglers, clowns, magicians, face painters, stilt walkers, caricaturists, balloon animal artists, fortune tellers, yentas, tattoo booths, contortionists, and a partridge in a pear tree... Whew!


With guitar, magic, instruments for kids to play, games, props, movement & puppets and more...

Make your child's birthday a real HIT

Hi-Energy-Interactive - Rockin' & Sing-a-Long - Dancing - Good Times

Perfect For:
holiday shows
birthday parties
camp programs
corporate events

The Guessing Zoo

A Mini Musical. Our Zookeepers garbed in khaki's and pith helmets, discovered a mischievous monkey has stolen the keys to the Zoo and is letting all the animals out.

The animals will happily return but not until the Children in the audience "Play Our Games & Guess Our Names"

Ages: 3-7 to Grandparents

Fun Filled

Sing-A-Long Storytime with Jeff

Folk singer/guitarist and storyteller Jeff leads children through a high energy interactive performance of classic children's songs and stories and original tunes too! Kid's will be up on their feet, clapping their hands, and help Jeff to explore new ways to perform old favorites! Children and parents will be enthralled to Jeff's energetic guitar styling, crystal clear tenor voice, and all around enthusiasm. 

Happy Birthday To You!

Ken's Music & Magic Parties

Ages 1-10

Dressed in a colorful costume and star top hat, Ken and his alligator puppet "Wallygator" kick off this music, magic and games extravaganza. Ken gets kids singing and dancing to songs like "Shake Your Sillies Out" and "The Twist", Kids wave wands and say magic words, helping Ken perform his magic. Then they create a rhythm band using cymbals, woodblocks, tambourines, etc. for a shakin' and music makin' good time. Fun-filled games like "Freeze-Dancing", "Musical Train", "Cookie Says" and "Cooking Time" round out the party. Ken Magically produces a kazoo for every child to keep.

"Ken has been working with young children as a teacher, guidance counselor & camp athletic director for the past 12 years. He knows how to make a party FUN & EXCITING".


"Kiddy" DJ:

Great kiddy friendly music! Games, contests, hula hoops, musical chairs, the limbo, hokey pokey, trivia, etc..

* 2 hour minimum *

Optional: Prizes, giveaways, light show, bubbles, smoke. Call for details.

Excellent for Christenings, Communions, Birthday's, Holiday Parties, Block Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Weddings and special events.

(For Children & Teens)

During the hour, there will be a crime to solve - usually a murder (comically done). There may be dancing, games, question and answer time, etc... At the end, kids will have to "solve" the crime. There will be a few winners. Prizes are suggested.- One hour show. Also available: Other kiddy friendly mysteries to solve.

Ask about Murder Mysteries For Adult Events


Child Hospital Donations, Clown Doctors & Hospital Clowns