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How often do you find entertainment you can take home with you? Our caricature artist gives you just that, either a "regular" or "funny face" caricature that will be kept for years. Excellent for company parties, trade shows; anywhere there's a crowd of more than three people! 

Asian Name Painting

Asian Name Painting is a unique take-home favor. Our artists will paint in a distinctive Asian style then present it to your guests in an eye-catching frame.

  • 10-12 per hour

  • 2 hour minimum

Artists draws flowers & animals with water color paints ... to look like your name.

For Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Company Events, etc..

(NOTE: Availability of all puppet shows must be checked, therefore please select a second & third choice- (from a different puppeteer) in the event your first choice is booked.)  

1. A Dragon In The Castle - 

Does your child enjoy a fantasy world of knights, princesses, castles and quests?  Welcome to our Medieval Knight Show in which a mischievous Dragon has stolen a precious mirror and sword from an enchanted castle!  Two jesters are looking for a child to undertake an exciting quest to retrieve these treasures.  But the Birthday Child cannot do it alone.  Lots of help will be needed from other members of the audience!  What will happen when they match wits with the mysterious Guardian of the Forest? How will they trick the Black Knight into letting them continue their journey? And what will happen when they finally meet up with the fiery Dragon?

This lively and funny show consists of 2 costumed performers, a Dragon puppet and lots of audience participation. 

Ideal for boys and girls ages 5 � 7

2. CINDERELLA - Join in making the story of Cinderella come alive!  This show consists of 2 performers, puppets and audience participation.  One performer plays Cinderella and the other plays the Narrator, Prince and Wicked Stepmother.  The puppets are the two stepsisters, Cinderella's dog Bruno, and the Messenger of the King.
    The children also participates by playing parts in the story.  As Cinderella's Mice Friends they help to out with the Wicked Stepmother, and then create the dress that Cinderella will wear to the Ball.  Once at the Ball, the children participate in some fun dances such as the Hokey Pokey and the Duck Dance.  Later, the children play towns people and each gets to try on Cinderella's lost shoe.  In the end, they all help the Prince to find Cinderella.
    This show is lively and colorful, and includes lots of audience participation.  
Time:  1 hour


Join Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road to Birthday Party Fun!  This show features 2 costumed actors, puppets and audience participation.  One performer plays the part of Dorothy, while the other narrates and takes on the roles of the Wizard and the Doorman of Oz.  The puppets are Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, and of course, Toto.
    The children also participate by playing the parts of the scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and the fun-loving Munchkins.  They will also play the Yellow Brick Road Game, follow Dorothy to Oz, and help her find her way back home.
    This show is fast-paced, colorful, and includes lots of audience participation.  
Time: 1 hour

4. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Invite Beauty and the Beast to your next Birthday Party!  This show features wonderfully crafted puppets:  Beauty, the Beast, the Prince, an Enchantress, and an Old Woman.  Two professional actress/puppeteers guide the children through a variety of roles -- from being an enchanted forest, to portraying books in a magical library in the Beast's Castle.  The children also play 'enchanted objects' using painted props such as spoons, saucers, cups, etc. while they keep Beauty company during her stay with the Beast.  Later in the story, the children will participate in a wonderful folk dance at a party for Beauty.  
This show is beautifully crafted and colorful with lots of audience participation. 
Based on the original French story. 
Time:  50 Minutes

5. Musical Puppet Show for Young Children

Characters Available:

Rag Doll Annie Pirate
Fairy Princess Train Conductor
Polka Dot Kid Madeline
Cinderella Esmerelda
Tinkerbell Wizard
Cowgirl Checkered Clown

This show features songs, puppets, circle games and lots of audience participation. The puppets are very friendly looking, colorful and age appropriate. The songs include many all time children's favorites: Old MacDonald Had A Farm, The ABC Song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, etc. There is also Music and Movement with Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The Hokey Pokey, and Shake Your Sillies Out. I also bring Bubbles and do Finger Plays.

Appropriate for ages 1 to 4 years old.

Time: 45 Minute Show and 15 Minute Warm-up (1 Hour Total).

Special Note: Shows number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 performed by same Puppeteer.

6. "My Mommy & Me"

Toddler Puppet Show

... For the toddler set, we have a hands-on show featuring all their favorite  characters from Sesame Street, Barney, Disney, and more...

The children will play all kinds of musical instruments to their favorite songs. They'll march, dance, sing & learn the important art of partying.

30-45 minutes - Ages 1-4

NOTE: Available in Nassau & Suffolk Counties only

7. Fairytale Castle Puppet Show

Delightful, sophisticated and entertaining, the Fairytale Castle Puppet Theater performs a 45 minute show of 3 fairy tales, (Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty), or two of the fairy tales and a birthday story, (featuring Seymour the Dragon). This show features a professional pre-recorded sound track with background music, sound effects and comical voices. The sound system will accommodate small to large audiences. All puppets are hand crafted and the 6 1/2" ft. theater has a stage, windows and turrets where the puppets appear. This show is recommended for children up to age 10.

The Fairytale Castle Puppet Theater offers puppetry in a comical context and has always been well received by both children and adults alike.

Great for: School Shows Malls Birthdays Carnivals Holiday Shows


A Master Puppeteer performs the classic tale Pinocchio without the aid of a special stage or screen. Since the puppets are performed right before your group's eyes, children will delight at seeing how puppets come to life. In fact, the Puppeteer presents a hands on demo where volunteers can come up and operate the various marionette (string) puppets. With Magic, Comedy, Puppets, and lots of audience participation, this show is sure to delight! When Doe Doe Bird sings his trade marked dance tune, every child will want to bop along to the music. Balloon animals are available with this show. Ages: 1-6. Running Time: 30-45 minutes or 1 hour.

Puppeteer dresses in a clown-like Gepetto outfit.

9. Winnie The Pooh & Friends   

The title says it all! Interactive show with storytelling, singing, dancing, ending with a treasure hunt to find Eeyore's tail and a Happy Birthday song for the Birthday Child and Eeyore. Length: 45 minutes. Ages: 1-10.


Perfect for your next special event Aesop's puppets perform a *45 minute show of seven of Aesop's Fables woven into one larger story as narrated by Isabella the puppet. Among the animals in the cast are a wolf, rooster, cat, dog, lion and mice! The fables of Aesop offer moral lessons in the guise of entertaining stories, beloved by children and adults since the time of ancient Greece, when Aesop first told them.

This show is available for Birthday parties and features a "Birthday Tale" performed by Seymour the Dragon.

The theater features a professional pre-recorded sound track with background music, sound effects, and comical voices. The sound system accommodates small to large audiences for both indoor and outdoor events. All puppets are hand crafted and the 6 � ft. theater has a stage, windows and turrets where the puppets appear. This show is recommended for children up to age 8.

* Length of show = 1 Hour

11. The Wacky Variety Puppet Show


Join them as they welcome you into their wacky world of fun & fantasy!! Meet Frank, Chancey, Mr Clown Face, Hoppy, and their other puppet pals in a land filled with ventriloquism, magic, guitar, sing-a-longs, and musical games!!
  • Shows can be adapted for ages 1-3 or ages 4-8 or a combination of both.
  • Two Person Puppet Variety!
  • Birthday Party Show: For about 20 kids w/Balloon Animals. Length: 1 hour
  • Larger Show: For more than 40 kids. No balloons. With sound system. Length: 45 minutes.

NOTE: Both the birthday party & the larger show versions are available with or without a stage-- Please specify!

Halloween Version Available


Running time: 30 minutes
All ages
Hand puppets

Punch and his lovely wife Judy have been married for centuries. The time has come for Mr. Punch to pitch in around the house. You'll be surprised and tickled as these hand-carved puppets take over the kitchen creating a hilarious domestic disaster that ends with a kiss. Perfect for Birthday Bashes and outdoor fun. It's an age-old puppetry tradition that's still cooking!


Running time: 50 minutes
All ages
Rod puppets, costumed characters

"You had better lay me an egg by tomorrow morning, or you're gonna be my dinner tomorrow night", says the mean ol' farmer to Henrietta who can't lay an egg. Find out how this singing chicken, with the help of her friends, learns to believe in herself to make her dreams come.
Puppet shows 11 - 12 performed by same puppeteer.

14.                    Educational Playhouse Puppeteers

We make learning fun!

We provide entertaining, educational puppet shows on a variety of topics.

We travel to schools, fairs, libraries, camps & corporations all over the New Jersey and New York area.

Our shows include lessons on Environmental Issues, Drug Awareness, Personal Health, Nutrition, Self Esteem and Anti-Bias Education.

Puppet Show Descriptions

All of our our assembly programs include Music, Magic, Audience Participation, Dramatic Black Light Effects, and a Free Fun-Page Educational Handout.

Environmental Programs


Don't Waste A Minute! (Parts I-V) (45 minutes)
Choose from five separate shows. Performances highlight: Recycling, Solid Waste Management, Litter Control, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Home Composting and "The 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".
Drug Awareness, Health, and Anti-Bias Programs


Here's to Your Healthy Selfy (45 minutes)
A unique approach to Alcohol Education. Highlights Facts about Alcohol, Peer Pressure, High Self Esteem, Decision Making Skills, and Refusal Skills.

Feeling Good (45 minutes)

Meet Queen Nerves and her Health-Nuts! Highlights: Good Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Preventative Medicine, Hygiene, Safety, Peer Pressure, and the Food Pyramid. Excellent program for primary elementary school grade levels

Project P.R.I.D.E. (45 minutes)Zapman!

Super Hero Zapman educates the message of Project P.R.I.D.E.:

Highlights: Self-Esteem, Prejudice, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Diversity.


Or Select a Show from our Current Repertoire:

Detailed description & photos to be posted shortly...

Marionette Puppet Shows

The Blind Dates of Columbine:

Based on the Commedia Dell Arte�s humoristic style with a modern twist. Columbine  looks for �husband material� on the net while Harlequin sets up a prank at the expense of Pierrot�.for teen age and adult audiences.


Counting Out the Trees:

Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and other famous fairy tale characters come together to find out the mystery of disappearing trees. Fairy Queen summons an emergency meeting under the full moon. A wonderful cast of marionettes entertains children aged 5 to 14.


All about Doggy and Kittycat:

A tale about a dog and a cat and how who enroll a robot to help them clean their house. All kinds of funny and unexpected things happen for the joy of children aged 3 to 9.


Magical Puppet Circus:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Circus is in town! The whole company of clowns, jugglers, acrobats, dancers and all kinds of animals are ready to amuse young and old!! Come enjoy the amazing skills of our wooden artists! 

Marionette Puppet Workshop

The workshops are designed to help children create their own puppet character, develop a story and perform it for an audience of their peers.

This highly educational program exposes children to the traditional Czech craft of hand-carved marionettes and gives them an opportunity to combine artistic skills such as the visual arts and theater with writing skills and developing a story.

Workshops vary in length and may be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of your program.

The Specialty Puppet/Clown Show

Featuring: Rainbow The Clown

Show Consists Of:

  • 20-30 Minute Puppet Show

  • Face Painting

  • Balloon Animals

Based On 15 Kids



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