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Exotic Middle Eastern Belly Dancers in traditional costumes await your call to really spice up your party. 

*Suitable for children in attendance. 

(No Bachelor Parties, Please.) 

Zula, Goddess of Virility

Zula, Goddess of Virility

Play the ultimate Joke and embarrass your guest of honor with Zula, the goddess of virility! Just imagine; Zula enters the room with her exotic African costume and with her seductive movements she puts the guest of honor under a spell, and gets him up to dance with her. She then sits the guest of honor down, performs her exotic dance and takes off her costume, leaving her in bra, undies and banana belt.

They'll never forget this one!

350 lbs of Fun & Laughter

"One of-a-Kind Specialty Act"

Note: Zula also performs as Seleka - a professional Belly Dancer (see below).


Puts the Belly in Belly Dance!

The ancient art of belly dance celebrates women in all shapes and sizes. Seleka's unique proportions enhance her movement's sensuality and her style will wrap you in an aura of mystique and wonder.

"Sensuality has no size!"

"Seleka says a dance is just a dance, but the heart and soul of the performance burns from within."

Have Seleka set your event on Fire!!!

For an interesting contrast, book Seleka with an "hourglass waistline" Bellydancer...


Professional, Courteous Male & Female Strippers

Always in "good taste" and "good fun"

These performers will have you "cheering" for more

For Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties, Birthdays, Retirement, etc...

"When nothing but the best will do..."

Tastefully & Elegantly Presented

Also Available, ask about CHUNK 'N' DALES STRIPPERS (chunky/over-weight average 250lbs) * Comedic Act * - Male or Female

Click on link above to visit our exotic site.

Fat O' Grams

The Fat O' Gram Lady is for the ultimate revenge, or just to set up that special person (who usually plays tricks on everyone else).

This show usually goes around 8-10 minutes - Longer version available.

To BRA & UNDIES only

Good for all mixed adult audiences.

You'll have to tie him down for this one. Hilarious!!!

Little People/Dwarfs

Big Pappa

"Mini-Me" & "Dr. Evil"

Mini Luis

Are you looking for something really different & unique?

Invite a little person to your next event, they will be talking about it for months to come...

  • Dwarf singing telegrams

  • Dwarf walk-a-rounds

  • Dwarf strip-o-grams

  • Dwarf Bartending

Unique Entertainment for: Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties, Bars & Clubs, Fund Raisers, Fraternity, Adult Parties, Offices, etc...

We have access to "BEETLEJUICE" (Famous Dwarf) - ask about specials with Big Papa & Beetlejuice - other little people available too...

NYC Dwarves
Scott, Craig & Vicky

Oompa Loompas, Elves, Smurfs, Dwarf Clowns


Dwarf Entertainer NYC

NOTE: Available All Year

Leprechauns - Erin Go Bragh!

Accentuate your festivities with the following:

Lucky The Leprechaun

A Dwarf Performer - 3 ft tall - in authentic costume

Ask about: Dwarf/Little People For Walk-Around Comedy


Dwarf Bartending

Dwarf Singing Telegrams

Dwarf Exotic Dancers

Call 212-544-8153. Please ask for ext. W317 & receive $10 off

NOTE: Available All Year

Leprechaun Jon

Mini Luis

Dwarf Leprechauns

Ask About Leprechaun Stiltwalker

St Patricks Day Entertainment, St Patricks NYC

St Patricks Day Entertainment

St Patricks NYC - St Patricks New York

Leprechaun Stiltwalker New YorkLeprechaun Stiltwalking NYC

St Paddys Day Leprechaun - St Patricks Day Leprechaun Stiltwalker - Funny Leprechaun

Now Accepting Reservations for 3-17-2018

Don't get left out again this year.

Book your Dwarf Leprechaun Entertainment "In Advance" for March 17, 2018 today!

Mention ext W317-13 to receive $30 - $50 off. Expires 2-29-2018

Hawaiian, Hula, Belly and Fire Dancers

Enchanting, captivating dancers add that "Island" sensation.

Make your Luau Theme complete!

Great for all ages.

Excellent for Boat Cruises or any theme related event.

NYC Hula Dancing NYC


Hilarious, personalized messages for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Office Pranks, Wedding Receptions, Bachelorette parties or any occasion. 

Who can deliver Guilt better than a nagging Yenta??? Nobody!!! Let our YENTAS come and deliver a very funny Schpiel to that special person. You give us personal "inside" information about the guest of honor and we will "Roast" that person, using the info to tease, as if the Yenta knows him/her. Just how embarrassing? It depends...there are funny original jokes, songs, stories, Klezmer music in which the Yenta tries to get guests to dance; props and sight gags. The whole shtick lasts anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Side-splitting humor! 


Juggling Shows 
Balls, Clubs, Plates, Fire. These Master Jugglers 
perform full sit-down shows or walk around. 

Stilt Walkers  
Great for grand openings, malls, 
anywhere to attract attention. 

New York VentriloquistsAsk About Ventriloquists

Comedy Ventriloquist

An act that speaks for itself

* Master Vocal Illusionists *

Kids or Adult Shows

Don't be a "dummy" - book today!

 Origami Artist

The Japanese art of paper folding comes to your event! Our artists can create anything you can imagine without scissors, tape or glue. 

 Mimes & Live Mannequins 
Our mimes and live mannequins are great when you require more sophisticated and less noisy entertainers. 

The ancient art of Pantomime is everybody's favorite. Starting off totally frozen, your guests will wonder ... "are they real?" Then by winking one eye or just blowing a kiss to one person the entire crowd will go wild! They slowly come to life performing silent comic routines, escorting your guests or introducing your company's latest new products. Classic, simple, charming and always the right touch.

Mr. Freeze (Lenny)

A Mime Artist

Performer poses as a captivating slow-motion mannequin that captures the very imagination & attention of potential guests/clients of all ages & draws them close enough to touch him (and when they do) he SURPRISES them by cleverly revealing his humanity -- by coming to LIFE.

Many Fabulous Costumes


  • Birthday Parties

  • Hotels

  • Casinos

  • Advertising

  • Promotions

  • Banquet Entrance

  • Grand Openings

Candy Witch Stilt Walker


The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Since 1886, the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World has stood as a symbol of freedom in New York harbor. Now she carries the torch of freedom to inspire your special event!
Available on a matching green pedestal or on stilts. Available on or off stilts. Torch Lights Up.
Statue of Liberty New York Performer

Uncle Sam On Stilts & other Patriotic themes also available.

Living Statues

Platinum Princess

If your style is silver, the Platinum Princess will add a royal flair to your next special event. A living statue is always tasteful & fun!
The Golden Goddess

Representing the spirit of nature, the Golden Goddess adds old world charm & serene elegance to your next special event. An unexpected thrill for guests when they discover the goddess comes to life!
Statue of Serenity

Add classical style to any special event. 

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the lady is alive!

...Many More. Male & Female


... Just wouldn't be complete without an appearance by either Ms. Liberty or Uncle Sam

Accentuate your festivities by adding color & excitement ...

Lady Liberty & Uncle Sam
(Available on or off stilts)

Lincoln & Washington Stilt Walkers Dale & Friends
The Statue of Liberty

Available all year long...

Marvelous Mark

Take Your Event To New Heights!
Bibi the Glitter Glam Stilt Siren

Store Promotions

Corporate Events

Festivals, Parades, & Celebrations

  • Stilts & Glamorous Costumes
  • Strolling Entertainment
  • Pop Songs On Guitar
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Bubbles & Ribbon Twirling


Bibi will dazzle your customers, guests, and kids with delightful sparkly costumes and a personality to match!

She will sing and play guitar up there on stilts, she will sculpt balloons for the kids, she will meet and greet and create a trail of rainbows and bubbles wherever she goes!

But here is where she has a serious "leg up": Bibi is especially adept at promoting and marketing.

7.5 feet tall

She brings plenty of exuberance and "high energy" to your in-store promotion, cocktail party, fundraiser, kids party, parades, picnics, festivals, fairs, and events of all sizes!

Costumes for both stilts and ground include:

  • Sparkly colorful tall pink lady
  • Cowgirl (w/ Country Songs!)
  • Snow Queen
  • Chanukah (blue & white)
  • Sparkly Holiday
  • Halloween frightful & tall zombie
  • Patriotic - 4th of July - Aunt Samantha 
  • & more


New York VentriloquistsAsk About Ventriloquists

Clown Magic's  Clown Band

Clown Parades

No Clowning Around - A "Real" Professional Band for:

  • Parades

  • Festivals

  • Street Fairs

  • Grand Openings

Note: Fax your inquiries. Call for fax

Rob's Comical Show
Delirious Physical Comedy!

Rob will take you on a journey of hilarious hi-jinks as he invites you to help him in his amazing one-man Variety Show.

An amalgamation of comedy, juggling, circus stunts, stilt walking, mime & clowning, this fast paced, high energy show will leave the audience breathless as they wonder "Did he just do that?!!"

"With the gestalt of it all, he is SOMETHING!" - David Letterman

World Class Entertainer

Rob has dazzled audiences across the world with his unique style and humor. He has performed in Circuses, Theaters, Fairs & Festivals, Corporate Events and has appeared in Television and Film.

Let him make your next Production Fantastic.

... Also available for a "Walk-a-round" only.

After receiving his Bachelor of Buffoonery Degree (no joke), he became the first Chinese American clown to tour with "The Greatest Show on Earth". 

Performer has a variety of outfits to suit your theme: Clown, Uncle Sam, Very Festively dressed, etc... Act works best on stilts.

Sorry, Rob does not do kids Birthday parties.

The "Fire Handler" Show
This very unique show can really light up the night. (pun very intended, sorry).

Fire Magic, Fire Juggling, Fire Eating... this act has it all.

Multi-Talented Will
Will creates a wonderfully direct audience rapport with his juggling, unicycling, balance tricks, boomerangs, cowboy rope tricks, music, fire tricks, sight gags, clowning, audience participation, and.a distinctly offbeat but sophisticated sense of humor steeped in the traditions of the great comedians from the silent film era to the present.

Comedy Juggling Show

Fire Juggling

  • Plate & Ball Spinning

  • 3,4,5,6 Juggling Balls

  • 3,4,5 Juggling Clubs

  • Meteor Rope

  • Diabolo World's Largest Hula Hoop

  • Poi Balls

  • Staff and Juggling

Lots of Audience Participation

Skills Varies With Performers

Ask About Juggling Workshop


Dynamic Fire Show

Fire Juggler
  • 3, 4, 5 Torches

  • Flaming Dog Leashes

  • Fire Staff

  • Fire Rope

  • Torch Swinging

  • Fire Tennis Rackets

  • The Flaming SLINKY of DEATH!!!

  • and Lights his Butt on Fire (His death folks not yours)

 Skills varies with Performers


Zany Fun Frolic Bellhops

Two Zany Bumbling Bellhops - will enter your affair with many surprises, slapstick, improvisation, interacting, dancing for & with your guests. Wholesome entertainment for both adults & children.


The Yo-Yo Man

Everyone has seen Yo-Yo tricks but not like this.

This International toy crafter will perform extremely complex Yo-Yo tricks & skills with spinning tops, and also performs with a variety of diverse toys from around the world.

Besides entertaining, he can instruct guests and teach them tricks as well.

This show is certainly to grab your attention & spin you around.

Unique Entertainment for Any Occasion!
Featuring JON

N.Y.'s Plum Craziest Performer
Multitalented Variety Performer Hi-Energy

Welcome to Steve's hilarious Simon-Sez show. Performed with a youthful abandon and energetic style, Steve guarantees to turn every event into an exciting and memorable experience. Participation is always the key as every audience member becomes part of the show. Don't miss out!


KIDS SHOW is a combination of Simon-Sez, Juggling and Balancing. You'll find his trademark features of bowling ball juggling and the balancing of a youngster in a chair on his face to be terribly exciting and requested by clients over and over again. Plus, Simon-Sez will not only keep the audience in hysterics but will also involve every audience member... so that no one feels 'left out'.
FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, COLLEGIATES AND ADULTS, Steve offers a hilarious 'Super Simon-Sez' Show. The show involves everyone, offers continuous laughter, and is the highlight of most events.
Perfect For:
COLLEGE: Freshman Orientations, Nooners, All Nighters, Spring Flings, Parent Weekends
CORPORATE: Picnics, Sales Meetings, Luncheons, Retreats
PLUS : Festivals, Trade Shows, Project Graduations, Fundraisers, Elementary Schools, Comedy Nights, Field days, Assembly Programs, Summer Camps and more!

The Simon-Sez Show is one of the most unique and entertaining acts in the Tri-State area.

A surprise murder breaks out during your affair!!!!
Which shocks your Guests!!!!!!!   Who Dunnit?
And the fun begins when Detective's Lox & Parmesan interrogates your guests to find out the murderer's accomplice.
* A Two-Character Show *  -  *Length = 2 Hours*
Note: Your guests should not be told or prepared that there will be a murder mystery on the day of your affair.
Lots of audience participation.  Excellent for small private & corporate groups.

Psychic Entertainment

Add mysterious sparkle to your next occasion!

Our experienced mediums reveal what the future may hold 
for your guests.

Tarot Readers, Fortune Tellers, Hypnotists, Mentalists, Numerologists, Astrologers, Palm Readers and more mystify all 
with their uncanny predictions and revelations.
Older children and adults delight in trying to stump our professionals.

Sexual Fortune Telling 

Ask us about our Specialty Act
"Sexual Fortune Telling" by Ms. Sass.
Newest Craze

Sexual Fortune Teller

Perfect for: Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, and Special Occasions.

Add a Mystical, Magical Touch To Your Next Event

- Presenting -

Palmistry & Tarot Readings



For Parties and Events


Glenda is "Positively" Accurate and Amazing,
 but most of all - Lots of Fun!

Inspire your company, business, staff, clients, family and friends!!
 Offer them an Enlightening, Motivating & FUN! alternative. 
For all types of gatherings: Corporate, Business Events, Children's Parties, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc..

Palmistry Readings
Palmistry Readings are good because they make people feel inspired and full of possibilities, and almost everybody has a palm! Including Tarot Card Readings.

Also available by special request
Crystal Ball Readings & Charm Readings

 A beautiful presentation designed especially for your next event or engagement.

Always an Extra-Ordinary Success!



Psychic in New York

Add the mystery and intrigue of a truly professional psychic Tarot reading to your next event.

The English Psychic is a charming and gifted clairvoyant with a long history of accuracy. She has much experience in all type of parties and events. She is able to amaze and amuse guests with the amount of information she gives in a fun, kindly and supportive manner.

Her readings are suitable for all kind of private and corporate functions for adults as well as for children 12+ years old.

Tarot New York


Handwriting Analyst New York

Offer your guests a unique, fun and fascinating insight into their personality traits - all from just a few lines of their handwriting! More is revealed than you could possibly imagine.

With fun, charm yet total accuracy, Paula will amaze and delight your friends and colleagues with her revelations. This is a great 'gift' to give to your guests.

Suitable for all types of private and corporate events for adults and children ages 10+.

Unique, Amazing, Hilarious Entertainment

Your talented guests will be the star of the show when their subconscious takes over.

Corporate Events

Comedy Clubs

College & Universities

If your event is a CORPORATE affair, this is by far, the most powerful "glue" you can find at any price. Hypnosis (properly done) creates a true sense of "family" within your group that is virtually unmatched. Each program is custom-tailored to your own group's special needs. This is truly one of the best investments your company will ever make.

Having a Party? Try Something Different...

Surprise your Guests with this unusual comedy team, and they'll show up at your affair, as anyone you want them to be!!
"You name it, and they'll do it"
















that includes- Music, Dance, Comedy Sketches, Gags, Surprises, Audience Roast, Party Games, Audience Participation and Much More!!!

(Length of shows: 45 mins to 1 hour, or 1� hours)














          BAR / BAT MITZVAHS


In Addition MR & MRS PERSONALITY performance, please ask about the following
shows performed by the above dynamic duo:

1. Stand-up Comedy Team
2. "This Is Your Life Storybook" (For Guest of Honor/or Couple)
3. Roast the Host/Guests
4. Master of Ceremonies
5. Slapstick Bellhops - mingling at every table and around the room to warm up your guests.
6. Funny Transvestites (with songs & comedy routines)

It doesn't have to be FILTHY to be FUNNY!
These hilarious entertainers will have your audience rolling with laughter - and no one will be offended! From stand-up comedians to impressionists.
Our performers provide outstanding, clean entertainment for any group, without gross or graphic material & without profanity.
Clown Magic Party Entertainment can provide clean comedy for kids parties, churches, corporate events, senior homes, etc..

What's the new rage in Party Entertainment?

The Personalized Roast!


Allen has performed his high-energy stand-up show all over the country. He's been seen in comedy clubs such as Carolines & Dangerfiends in NYC, top notch colleges such as Princeton University, and he's headlined in venues such as Trump Castle in Atlantic City.

His act is a combination of personal, family, & topical jokes; some "clean" sex jokes (is this possible?); and dead-on celebrity impressions ranging from George "Dubya" Bush to Ozzy Osbourne.

Allen would love to perform at your next party, social gathering, or corporate event.

Allen will write and perform a personalized roast for anyone from your boss to your mother to your bosses's mother. He gets "the dirt" on your friend or loved one and then performs a 40-45 minute show combining both his stand-up and specially prepared roast material.

The Roast
Includes three formats:

  • This Is Your Life - A tongue-in-cheek family history with heartfelt sincerity!

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Personal questions are read to the audience with a slew of humorous multiple choice answers

  • Song Parody - A classic sitcom song (such as Gilligan's Island or the Beverly Hillbillies) is re-written with lyrics that include the host, his family, & friends.

Allen's recent showbiz credits:

  • The Sopranos- 5th Season. I'm Dr. Winer in 2 episodes. 3rd episode- Scene with James Gandolfini. 7th episode- directed by Steve Buscemi.

  • Furby- yes, that's right, my voice was crammed inside that toy.

  • Nick at Nite- I was Marty the Party Fly for 32 station promos.

Length: 20 minutes of Stand-up Comedy and 20 minutes of specialty prepared "ROAST"  material.


Comedy Act


If you've ever been to a Standup Comedy Club, then you know how much a good comedian can liven up the party!

Have one of our Top Comedians Roast your guest of honor.

Tastefully Presented. Length: 20 minutes

Ideal Entertainment For:

  • Birthdays

  • Weddings

  • Retirement

  • Fundraisers

  • Anniversaries

  • Special Events

  • Sales Meetings

  • Job Promotions

  • Award Programs

  • Christmas Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Annual Gatherings

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • After Dinner Performances


Something Different:

Ask about Solo or Multiple Standup Comedians entertaining at your next event.

Length: 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Celebrity Look-A-Likes - Impersonators 

You too can have a celebrity at your next event! (Well...almost) Our Celebrity Look-a-likes look so unbelievably real they may just fool you! Even your guests will be amazed! Some of Our most popular "Superstars" include: 

Elvis Cher Michael Jackson
Madonna Bette Midler Marilyn Monroe
Brittany Spears Barbara Streisand John Travolta
Austin Powers Mae West Abbott & Costello
Whoopi Goldberg Roseanne Blues Brothers
Liza Minelli Carmen Miranda and many more...

 Our incredible Celebrity Look-A-Likes have appeared in numerous television shows, movies, magazines, and stage revues in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and throughout the world. 

Specialty Celebrity Impersonations by Susan

From celebrity impersonations, stand-up, singing telegrams, comedy roasts, industrious Susan leaves a lasting impression. This Lee Strasburg and Julliard trained performer leaves them rolling in the aisles. Dressed as a Jewish Grandma she serenaded Joan Rivers in a Park Avenue restaurant and ambushed Nicholas Cage on a film set wearing fake vampire fangs dripping with blood! Impersonating Marilyn Monroe she sang the famous "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to Latin sensation Marc Anthony and to Charles Grodin on this TV show. She once interrupted the rock group Aerosmith during a session and found herself in the middle of an impromptu jam! Her impersonation of Bette Midler is so well known in New York City that the "Divine Miss M." hired her for her own charity events at Madison Square Garden and The Waldorf Astoria. Susan's events don't end with people, famous or otherwise. Of course Birthdays, special events, parties and corporate gigs take precedence and Susan will customize her talents to any event. She is adaptable to almost any venue, and she will work with you to make your event special!
Bette Midler "The Divine Miss M.
" Fabulous Songs, comedy & antics
"You are the Wind Beneath My Wings"
Marilyn Monroe "The 7 Year Itch"
Classic songs including:
"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"
Happy Birthday Mr. President"
Lucille Ball Everyone loves Lucy
Zany comedy with a good dose of VITA-MEAT-A-VEGAMIN
Ricky available upon request
Barbara Streisand Hello Gorgeous!
Hello Dolly!
Always elegant for "People"
Sure to create "Memories"
Dr. Ruth Have a little problem?
This funny, lovable sex therapist perks up any event
NOW PRESENTING...The original Jewish Grandma!
"Don't vorry about me, somehow I vill make it to your potty!


Bring your next party or event to its highest level with your all-time favorites!

Austin Powers

The International Man of Mystery comes to life
  • Quotable Quips
  • Comedy
  • Non-Stop Mania
  • Meeting & Greeting
Available for: Private & Corporate Parties, Appearances, Product Launches, Movie Releases, Shaggings, Photo Opportunities galore, etc.. You name it baby!

Ask us about: Dr Evil & Mini-me (Dwarf)

America's BEST Cher Impersonators with LIVE vocals.

You won't believe your eyes and ears!

Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & More...

60's, 70's as well as Contemporary Cher.

Ask us about the following TRIBUTES: 

Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Prince & Elvis


Jewish Storytelling by Vered

Vered will perform various Jewish Stories/Tales and activities for the following Israeli Holidays: Passover, Yom Ha-Atzmaut, Lag B'Omer, Shavu'ot, Kish Kashtah & more...

The programs are educational & entertaining with stimulating subject matters, music, costumes, surprises & jokes.

Stories for:

Shabbat Rosh HaShanah
Yom Kippur Sukkot
Chanukah Tu B'Shevat
Happy Purim

High Energy interactive music entertainment! Pretty much says it all! Your guests will be invited onto the dance floor to participate in games, dances, and a number of contests, etc.

One DJ, top notch equipment, and every type of music from the 20's to the 90's to suit your taste. 
Perfect for any occasion!


Optional Extras:  Light show, smoke, bubbles, prizes & giveaways, videotaping, karaoke, motivational dancers also available.


Spice up your next private party or event with acoustic duo - Jeff & Karen. Your guests will drift away to the sounds of pop/rock classics from the 60's through today and also enjoy some fresh original music as well!

Jeff & Karen have enthralled audiences throughout the area with their innovative arrangements, dynamic personalities and dazzling harmonies! 

Music includes songs by, and in the style of: Shania Twain, The Monkees, Faith Hill, Cat Stevens, Sheryl Crow, The Eagles, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Sonny & Cher and more! 

You supply the electrical outlet - we supply the fun!

Wedding Entertainment
Dear Bride & Groom to be!

Congratulations! You are planning the most important event of your lifetime - Your Wedding Day. With that in mind, you will want to be certain that it is memorable to both your guests and yourself.

Clown Magic is committed to the highest level of quality and service in the Tri-State area.

We offer professional & reliable entertainers for your reception and ceremony.

For Your Selection

Disc Jockeys Pianists Organists Guitarists Vocalists

Table Side Entertainment 

Magicians Jugglers Caricaturists Belly Dancers Mimes Various Specialty Acts

Entertainment for the Kids 

Clowns Face Painters Balloonists Story Tellers  Kids Magician

Karaoke Parties!

Put your guests on stage to sing out loud.

Karaoke is the only audience participation "sport" that really gets your guests involved! Everyone will have fun, and your event will be remembered.

We carry 1500 top karaoke songs with graphics and words that appear on our television monitor. We have microphones all with echo, reverb and special effects. All singers can be recorded if you wish - this can be a lot of fun - or regret!


Any Occasion:
Events and Family Celebrations
At Home Events, Birthday Parties & Anniversaries
Neighborhood Parties
BBQ's & Picnics
Fund Raisers
Groundbreaking & Team Building
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Holiday Parties & Convention Icebreakers


Ethnic Specialty Acts

Over 40 different specialty musical performers for weddings, bar mitzvahs and ethnic celebrations:






So. American



Featuring bagpipes, mariachi guitars, Asian drums.

Holiday songs/dance for the entire family with children and adult performers.

Creating a memorable musical atmosphere for your celebration!

Clowns Across America

A Division of Clown Magic Party Entertainment  

Exclusively providing CLOWNS ONLY in all "MAJOR CITIES" across the United States

(Exception: New York, New Jersey & Connecticut - in these three (3) states, we offer full service party entertainment)

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST only

Telephone Number: 212-942-4370 - you must ask for extension USA

If your event is in NY, NJ, or CT - please call 212-544-8153

Note: Kevin, the managing partner of Clown Magic does not handle this division. Please ask for Ivanna, Thanks!

Toll free number pending

And Much More...

Arts & Crafts Balloon Decor Contortionists
Mariachi Bands Unicyclists Uncle Sam on Stilts


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