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Multi-Talented Penny

It's easy to add a touch of fantasy to your:  

Corporate Picnics, Holiday Events, Store Openings, Trade Shows, Family Celebrations

click on pictures to enlarge

click on pictures to enlarge

Over 75 Deluxe Hand Crafted Costumes

Themes Include: Circus, Medieval, Mardi Gras, Tropical
Western, International, Futuristic, Carnival, Halloween, French Restoration, Winter Holiday, And More!

Stilt Walker, Mime, Live Mannequin, Mechanical Doll, Jokes, Interactive Comedy, Heralding Trumpet, High Quality Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Hair Braiding with Beads, Fortune Telling, Origami, Living Statues, and Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty New York Performer

 Request On or Off Stilts

Corporate Entertainment

Whatever your requirements, whatever your budget.

As Corporate Entertainment Specialists, we will help you find the right entertainers & performers to ensure that your next corporate event is a complete success.

  • Trade Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Dinner Dances
  • Company Promotions
  • Staff Parties
  • Family Fun Days
  • Christmas Parties

With Clown Magic helping to plan your Corporate Entertainment you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you can concentrate on all of the other priorities for your Corporate Event, because we won't let you down

Magicians : Clowns : DJ's : Stilt Walkers : Comedians : Fun Casinos : Fortune Tellers : Caricaturists : Toastmasters : Specialty/Variety Acts : & More...

Store Promotions:

Have one or more of our clowns or costumed greeters meet and impress your customers at your stores' location. They will be more than happy to pose for photos and just about pull customers off the streets with their antics and bring them into your store. Clown promotions include balloon animals!

Pony Rides, Street Rides, Carnivals, Petting Zoo

For your outdoor events: Be it a tot's birthday party, a company outing, a family reunion, a street fair or a block party for the whole neighborhood. We have it all.

Petting Zoo

    Pony Rides: Great for any occasion. Pony rides are a sure hit with all children. Who didn't dream of having a pony? 

    A Clown Magic Exclusive:

    Pony-Go-Round - Four, Six or Eight pony walkers provide loads of entertainment for cowboys and cowgirls at larger events! Ponies are rotated during longer parties so they have a chance to rest.

    The Benefits of Two Ponies

    Double the Rides - Twice the Fun!

    • Children enjoy riding in pairs, rather than one at a time. They will not become restless, as they would be waiting to take turns with one pony.
    • The birthday boy or girl can ride more often, while still sharing with the other children.
    • The children get double the rides in half the time with two ponies. It is more fun and enjoyable for the children, with less waiting.
    • Children like to ride several short rides, rather than a few long rides. The thrill and enjoyment of riding again and again is more fun and exciting.
    • The children can choose their favorite, between the two ponies.
    • We can accommodate different size children, with a medium and large pony.
    • The two ponies like to go together to keep each other company.

    Petting Zoo: (Exotic or Barnyard): Clown Magic offers lots of friendly farm animals for kids to pet, feed and learn about. 20-25 animals. 

    Fall/Winter:  Ask about our UNIQUE, "INDOOR" EXOTIC ANIMAL PETTING ZOO




    Street Rides: Half-Moon, Swings, Moon bounce, Wagon rides, Carnival games of chance & skills, Giant Lion and more... 

    Ask about our "Clown and Pony" package, great for birthdays and smaller events.

Call early to reserve the equipment you need! 

Not Your Ordinary Zoo

4 Packages Available 

(Each varies in size & amount of animals).

Animals include:

  • Kangaroo

  • Monkey

  • Small Alligator

  • Tortoise

  • Bearded Dragon

  • Snakes

  • Rabbits

  • Ducks

  • Goats

  • Lemur

  • Parrots

  • etc..

Indoor or Outdoor Setup

"Unusual Breeds"
Petting Zoo

Zebra  African Serval Cat

Clown Magic is proud to present the best in Educational live animal entertainment.

Our animals include Dromedary & Bactrian Camels, Llamas, Guanancos, Kangaroos, Zebra, Toucan, Pygmy Zebu, African Serval Cat, Four Horned Sheep, Pygmy Goat and many other birds and mammals. Camel Rides add to the Fun!

Kangaroo Llamas

Camel Rides

For Schools, Shopping Centers, Fairs/Festivals, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Malls and other Special Events. (Not for kid's birthday parties).

Space total approx. 60' x 220' (this need not be the exact measurements as the Zoo can be laid out in a variety of ways).



Dog Act



Moscow Circus Trained

Petting & Hugging at end
30 mins

NOTE: Unavailable until further notice

Ask us about Mr. Mark's One Dog Terrier Act

45 Minutes Dog Act

Photos & Description Coming Soon



Oink Wee Pig & Ugly Pig Racing


Great Family Entertainment for Your Fair or Festival

They Never Fail to Attract a Crowd

Look At Those Smiling Faces!

Lots of Laughter!

Lots of Fun!

Duck Races
Look For The:

Hollywood Hogs All-Star Racing Team

International Stunt Team

Ugly Pig Race Team

Uglier Pig Race Team

Special Guest Races: Ducks, Goats, etc..

What is a Pig Race? With music during the pre-show, our Swinemaster-Announcer gives background information about pigs in general and then about racing pigs. The Swinemaster introduces our pigs to the audience, the caretaker places silks on the pigs and get them ready to race. We then pick out cheerleaders from the audience to "root" the pigs onto victory. The race begins with a "Call To The Post" and the sound of a bell, and they're off.

Heading for the "Ham Stretch"...

How do they run so fast?!! These porkers can really set a quick pace. Join in the action packed fun of our Pig Races. See if you can pick the pig that will win it all!

Your family will "squeal" with delight watching our fast-paced pack of pigs race to the finish. You can bet your bottom dollar that this event will be a real winner with young and old alike!

Little Porkers

These awkward, but cute and cuddly racing animals fascinate spectators. Real crowd pleasers, these natural comedians bolt from the starting gate and race around the track snorting and squealing, stubby legs churning and curly tails sailing along behind.

Swine Races




  • Racing Pigs & Housing for Racing Pigs

  • Large Colorful Backdrop, Starting Gate and Race Course

  • Racing Silks

  • Swinemaster-Announcer & High Quality Sound System

  • USDA Licensed, All Animals Meet or Exceed State and Local Health Requirements


  • Recommended Space: 75 Feet Wide x 40 Feet Deep... Clean Level Area

  • Water Connection

  • Electrical Hookup... 2 Separate 110-20 amp outlets

  • All Parking and Gate Passes

  • Bleachers are Recommended When Available

Length: All Day 8-10 hours


Drag Racing Stinkers

Worlds Only LIVE Skunk Races!

Skunk Racing

Bring the Sweet Smell of Success To Your Event

One of a kind, the Drag Racing Stinkers is the only live skunk racing attraction. The newest and most popular show on the fair and festival circuits. The Drag Racing Stinkers create fun, laughter and great family entertainment by doing what they do naturally... running for food, that is.

Your audience will delight in the fun and entertainment surrounding each show as they become the cheerleaders and race officials. The kids will enjoy meeting the skunks following each performance. Clothes pins for nostrils not necessary.

The Drag Racing Stinkers is a fully self contained unit designed to create the atmosphere of a drag race track. The unit consists of a 50-foot racetrack, a major display of black & white flags, large colorful backdrop, and music.

The Drag Racing Stinkers provide up to five 20 minute performances daily.

Owner & Creator, David, has no trouble finding hotel accommodations for his famous dragsters. They travel in their own Skunk Condo.

If you would like to see the Drag Racing Stinkers at an event near you, contact your local, County, or State fairs & festivals and let them know about us.

Invite Animals To Your Party

Our Presentations are both fun & educational -
For Birthdays, Schools, Camps, & other groups

Turtle Parties   

Come out of your shell!!!

Invite the Turtles!!

Nature & Art mixed together to form the best party ever - Turtles & Tortoises from around the world.

Snake Show   

For your next party, why not treat the kids to a LIVE snake exhibition?

The kids love it .

Kids get to touch, hold and learn about these unique animals.

FUN & ENTERTAINING! It is an experience the kids (and U) will never forget!!!

Reptile, Mammal, Exotic Birds Variety Show

Interesting child friendly animals (Depending on our provider can include, but not limited to):

Mammals: African Pigmy Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Sugar Gliders, Flying Squirrels, Bunny Rabbits, etc..

Reptiles: Geckos, Skinks, Turtles, Tortoises, Iguana, Monitor Lizards, etc...

Exotic Birds: Amazon Parrot, Congo Greys, Cockatiels, Chickens, etc..

More Animals in Variety Category can include: 

Fox, Alligators or Crocodiles, Blue Tongue Skinks, Hissing Roaches, Dragons, Frogs, Prairie Dogs, Ferrets, Tarantulas, Legless Lizards- yes!, and much more.. Clown Magic has it all.

Ask about the following Animal Acts:

Organ Grinder & Monkey, Dancing Pigs, Dog acts too!!

All professionally trained 4 the best show possible.

An authentic organ grinder fully costumed with his lovable monkey is available to meet and greet your guests with music. Great for entrance way to parties and events, picnics, or as a strolling performer for your banquet.


For Your Next Event - Try Something Different...

Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Money Wheel,
Slot Machine, Let it Ride, Poker & more...

Our professional gaming tables, slot machine & money wheels will impress and entertain your guests for hours.

Great for corporate events, private parties, fundraisers, meetings or trade shows.

Let Clown Magic recreate Monte Carlo or Las Vegas for your special events.


Game Shows

Come On Down! You are the Next Contestant on... 

Hottest Game Shows Available

  • Jeopardy

  • Deal or No Deal

  • Match Game

  • Price Is Right

  • and more... Ask for details

  • Complete w/Buzzer & Lights

The Science Guy Presents


Electrostatic Generators

  Gooey Green Glubber

     Super Electro Magnet

        Rocket Launches

           Cooool Chemistry

                Dry Ice Capades

                    Egg Sucking Bottle

                        Psychedelic Milk

                             Party Potions


Lots of activities. Cool demonstrations. Years of local experience. Every child takes home an experiment. Inside or outside, we"ll provide the best hands on science party.

The Mad, Mad Scientist Show

Looking for an unforgettable Birthday party?

Excite your children with: Hi-Energy, Interactive "Science Shows" including effects like:

Chemical magic, laser lights, glow in the dark reactions, vortex generators, special effects, slime, electrifying experiments, rocket launches, bubbling potions, putty & tons of exciting Hands-on activities.

 No mess! Hassle Free! Safe! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Ages 5-12. Length 40-60 minutes.

Schools, Camps, Birthdays, In Class Workshops, Pre-k, After School Courses, Assemblies, Carnivals, etc..

Ask about our "Safety" School Shows.



 Ask us about our new Bubble Show






Dinosaur Expedition

Albertosaurus Triceratops Skull

During this 45 minute show, the audience will learn about the formation of fossils, herbivores vs. carnivores and explore some of our exciting field discoveries.

They'll meet "Mr. Nixon", an 8ft. Triceratops skull. An Albertosaurus skull will highlight the features of a carnivore. Music, puppets, game show and audience participation will round out this exciting show.


Excellent for: Schools, Museums, Libraries, Camps, etc..

Assemblies in Schools

A full service theatrical and production company presents.

Raise money for your school with benefit performances.

Mark has been creating shows and bringing them to schools for twenty years.

Quality performances and workshops for all your assemblies. Recommended by
New York State
Board of Cooperative Educational Services

K-12 All Ages 30 to 60 minute Solo, Duet and Trio Performances

Mime Clown  Circus Theater Dance Music Science & Math
Character Development Antiviolence Conflict Resolution Substance Abuse

15 Shows


1. P & P Duet K - 12

A special adaptation for schools and youth theatres -- a humorous fairy tale and love story about a clown and a ballerina. Includes Ballet, Jazz Dance, Mime, Clowning, Circus and a charming story.

Use the special October Benefit Performance to raise money for your school or PTA

2. Dr. Einstein and Marilyn Science & Math Show Duet K-12

Dr. Einstein and Marilyn Monroe exchange wits and talent in this wonderfully entertaining and fun Vaudeville-style MATH & SCIENCE show.

3. Anti-Violence Circus K - 12

This is mostly a funny, entertaining, charming show which includes Circus Stunts, Clown Routines, Juggling and Balancing Tricks and Games with lots of audience participation and laughs. Two or three times during the show the performers stop to discuss THE 4 C�S FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

4. Antiviolence Musical Keep the Peace 6 - 12

Scenes from Broadway shows and contemporary music, including Westside Story, are used to demonstrate that conflict resolution and communication work better than violence. Study guide provided.

5. Circus Follies Duet, Trio or Full Circus K - 12

Full length family circus with a choice of acts: Trapeze Jugglers, Clowns, Magician, Trained Dogs, Ring Master & More.

6. All Aboard Circus Workshop Duet K - 8

A great self-esteem builder. Students learn circus skills in a positive, noncompetitive, safe setting. Includes Juggling, Balancing, Unicycle, Clowning, Mime, Plate Spinning, and more. Can culminate in a student performance.

7. Basketball's Poetry in Motion Solo K - 12

Derek "THE WHIZZ" Murphy, formerly with THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS, teaches values, goals, lessons on drug abuse and respect, through basketball.

8. Circus of Life Character Building Show K - 12

Mark presents a funny motivational clown and circus lecture demonstration which highlights character building concepts such as: ANTI DRUG and ALCOHOL messages, juggling priorities, self esteem, visualizing success, developing good habits, developing positive attitudes and strategies, learning from mistakes. Show includes Unicycling, juggling, slapstick, comedy, mime and audience participation.

9. Elemental Trio K - 12

A fantastic, colorful display of dance technique called FLAG DANCING which stems from the Oriental art of FAN DANCING. Concepts of Nature�s balance and EARTH, WIND, FIRE and WATER are addressed.

10. Silent Comedy

Mark presents an educational lecture demonstration on the concepts and contrasting differences between The ART OF MIME and THE ART OF CLOWNING. Fun, educational, audience participation.

11. Majestic Magic Solo or Duet K - 12

Presenting NY�s Prince of Magic who will astound and amuse you. The show is customized for all ages.

12. Mr. Bill and His Dog K - 12

World renowned animal trainer and psychologist now available for your school with his adorable dogs and a wacky, comical show.

13. World's Greatest Ventriloquist Solo K - 12

Comedy and laughter at its best with an adorable, charming assortment of dummies.

14. Tap Happy Solo, Duet or Trio K - 12

A whirlwind display of tap dance virtuosity. The history of Tap & Jazz are discussed.

15. Talking Drums Solo K - 12

A musical safari featuring the songs, chants, and instruments of Africa. Talking Drums illustrates how African music is woven into daily life. Study guide and reference material provided.


Camel & Elephant Rides

Yes! No SPIT!....

For Corporate Fund Raisers and other Large Corporate Outdoor Events.

Sorry! No Birthday Parties

Camel Rides: Average price - $2.5k to $5k (based on location)
Elephant Rides: Average price for four hours-- $6.5k to $8k (depends on location) - Minimum 4 hours booking


Special Note: All inquiries about Camels & Elephant Rides are to be faxed on your corporate letterhead to our fax# 212-567-0296. We will prepare a proposal within 48 hours. No telephone or e-mail quotes. 

Combo Camel, Elephant, Petting Zoo & Pony Rides

  • For our Corporate clients. Excellent for Fund Raising

Special Note: Due to our new NY State Law, Elephant rides are no longer allowed in State of New York. (New Jersey OK). However, they can appear at your event (behind fencing - no touching or sitting on).

Halloween Magic!
If you're having a Halloween party, try adding a little fun and mystery with our special Halloween Magic Show! We have shows for schools, daycares and other children's events, as well as Magician/Comedians for adult get-togethers!


Helga or Diabolica the Witch













Special Note: Activities vary based on amounts of kids. Face painting and balloon animals can be included.


Ask about our 


for Halloween

Also Face Painters & Balloonists

The Haunted Castle Halloween Puppet Show

Performed by a Witch

Delightful, sophisticated and dressed for Halloween with Autumn Garlands and scary Pumpkins the "Haunted Fairytale Castle Puppet Theater" performs a one hour show of three scary fairytales, featuring the gremlin of Rumpelstiltskin and the Witch of Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. This show offers Halloween Music, including everyone's favorite the Monster Mash pre show dance music plus a magical opening and closing featuring two exciting illusions. Dressed up for Halloween in her Witches garb this show is performed by professional puppeteer and magician.

6 Foot Tall Castle Complete With Music

One Hour


The Pumpkin Carving Wizard

The Artist takes an ordinary piece of fruit and creates dynamic sculptures that enliven any room with their personality and inner light. He's an original artist whose talent for carving pumpkins and watermelons has made him in demand for parties and events throughout the United States.

For over 25 years he has been carving spectacular gourds for every holiday or special occasion. Although he is most famous for his pumpkin work around Halloween and Thanksgiving, his amazing watermelon carvings are in demand all year round. 




By Jimmy The Magician

Straight from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - It's Harry Potter! 

You can have Harry come to your party and watch as he dazzles you with Magic and tells Stories from his Adventures at Hogwarts. He will levitate objects, practice his potions and do a whirlwind of Magic tricks that is sure to turn heads - 

45 min shows - 15 min of Balloons - Magician dresses as character of Harry.

Ask about specialty magic shows

Magicians can dress as Wizard, Dracula , Vampire, Witch,  Scarecrow or regular outfit
Advanced Booking Required


Lufa The Scarecrow

A Living Halloween Tradition

Lufa is as close to an authentic scarecrow as you can get. Stuffed with cornhusks and good cheer, Lufa looks just like Ray Bolger�s famous character! 

One of Lufa�s specialties is the illusion of the �Living Statue� - absolute stillness repeatedly broken by amusing physical antics. Of course discretion is always used whether he�s scary for adults and older kids or just plain silly for the little ones. 

Set the Scarecrow near your pumpkins, corn sheaves, or other decorations. Lufa has a variety of gags and Halloween fun up his sleeve including �Barnyard Boogie�, magic tricks and even Scarecrow Lessons! Walkaround, Birthdays & Stage Shows. 






Candy Witch Stilt Walker

Dracula Vampire Stiltwalker

Halloween Stiltwalker

Now Accepting Bookings for Christmas



(Excellent for Corporate Holiday Parties)

  • Start - Two Elves meets & greets guests as they arrive with animal balloons & face painting, 2 hours

  • Next - Magic Show follows (30-35 min)

  • Next - Frosty the Snowman dances with kids (30 min)

  • Final Hour- Arrival of Santa Claus for picture taking & distribute gifts you provide & the reading of the "Night Before Christmas" to up to 30-40 kids, 1 hour

3 hours (combo) of fun! A great bargain at $1200.00

If more than 50 kids - we can customize the Elves section longer.

Special Note: Face Painting = Cheeks only

Kids will be in their best Holiday outfits.

Example of Christmas Themed Designs:

  • Snowflakes

  • Reindeer

  • Santa Claus

  • Snowman

  • Poinsettia

  • Christmas Tree



The Working Santa

Ho Ho Ho! This performer dressed as Santa does not just sit around asking kids to leave milk & cookies, he works. LOL :)

Your selection of "two" of the following: (based on (15 kids over age 1)


  • Full Magic Show

  • Animal Balloons

  • Face or Hand Painting

Note: Over 15 kids we can customize for you.

When booking you must ask for "The Working Santa"



1/2 hour Santa Claus in home visits for parents.

Only up to 3-6 kids maximum. 

One hour also available.




Please Book Early

Ask about:

  • Carolers

  • Real Bearded Santa & Mrs Claus/Elves/Snowman

  • Face Painters (Holiday Designs)/Balloonists

  • Caricaturists/Fortune Tellers

  • Live Reindeer With Authentic Santa Sleigh

  • Dwarf Elves (3 Ft Tall)/Carnival Games/Xmas

  • Puppet Shows/Storytellers - Xmas Theme

  • Stiltwalkers W/Lovely Holiday Outfits

Christmas Parties!

We have more professional Santas than anyone in the state and it shows! Our Santas are so realistic, we should pay royalties to the North Pole. We have every option available; Santas for parties, store promotions and even In-Home Visits...a special gift for children. All of our Santas are experienced, so you can be sure your Santa Claus is the best anywhere! 

Ask about our "AUTHENTIC SANTA'S" real beard & belly.

Santa Claus For Rent Santa Letters Real Santa Claus
Santa B Santa E
Santa F
Santa D Santa NYC Santa D
Santa D Santa D
Santa L Santa L Santa P
Santa L Santa L Santa P
Santa T Santa G
Santa T Santa G
Santa DS Santa DS
Santa DS Santa DS

We also have professional Santas (fake beard), but excellent presentation

Professional Santas (Fake Beard)

New York City


Santa NYC Santa in New York Santa NYC
Santa Uncle Bob
Santa NYC Santa M Santa NYC
Santa M
Santa P Santa H Santa Uncle Bob
Santa P Santa H Santa Uncle Bob
Santa J Santa D Santa R
Santa J Santa D Santa R
Santa NYC More Photos To Follow Santa NYC

Christmas/Winter Holiday Magic Show

Celebrate the holidays with a little magic! This winter themed show is the perfect addition to any holiday party and incorporates candy canes, snowflakes, ice fishing and even a magical chimney. The show is also a wonderful way to introduce Santa - leaving everyone feeling jolly! This show books up quickly. One hour format (45 min. magic/15 min. rabbit).

Note: If above specialty show is booked or not available in your area we have many magicians available.

 Xmas "Grand Slam" Extravaganza

Corporate One Hour Parties

Invite 3 or more of the following:

  • Santa

  • Mrs Claus

  • The Grinch

  • Dusty the Chimney Sweeper Act (out of Mary Poppins)

  • One - Four Elves*


  • Meeting & Greeting

  • Photo Posing

  • General Walk-a-round

*Elves: Your choice of Dwarf/Midget/Little People, or Regular Height Elf doing balloons

Best Discounts: 3 or more Entertainers

Dwarf/Little Person
(Average Height 3' 10" Tall)
Dwarf Santa Dwarf (Real Elf)  Elf

Santas Elves


NYC Dwarves
Scott, Craig & Vicky

Dwarf/Little People/Elves  - For Walk-A-Round Only

We have "Regular Height Elves" Entertainers for Holiday Themed Face Painting and/or Animal Balloon Sculptures  



Mrs. Claus
On Stilts Only
Toy Soldiers
On or Off Stilts
White Fairy
On Stilts Only
Santa's Helper Sugar Plum Fairy The Grinch

Holiday Stiltwalkers

New York Stiltwalkers NY New York Stilt Walker NYC New York Stilt Walkers NY
Snow Queen Channukah Sparkly Holiday

The World's Tallest Elf

Ask us about Santa & Mrs. Claus on Stilts

Over 9 Feet Tall

A Clown Magic Exclusive

Click for larger view

Toy Soldiers Holiday Extravaganza

Toy Solders Holiday Extravaganza

(3 Performers: On or Off Stilts)

Brighten up your next event

Holiday Show

An exciting and hilarious performance introducing toy soldiers, with plenty of audience participation and incorporating dancing, juggling, acrobatics, stilt walking and many other surprises. This 45 minute self-contained show will delight children of all ages!  

Meet & Greet

Imagine toy soldiers frozen in place until the right moment to surprise your guests - a toy soldier breaks into a solo tap dance while another juggles holiday ornaments, these and many other exciting moments can be had at your next event to liven up the atmosphere.

Toy SoldierS
by Christina & Friends
Toy Soldiers by Christina & Friends
  • Singing Quartet - holiday carols, good for entranceway, strolling meet and greet. Very popular at parties.

  • Comic Soldiers - non-verbal doubles acrobatic/slapstick antics. Duo or trio available. Excellent walk around. Great acrobatics.

  • Comic Soldiers Show - full scale show that can be performed in any space with high ceilings. It is a great street show that uses acrobatics and juggling.

Live Telephone Calls & Letters From Santa

Brighten a child's holiday season by giving them a "LIVE" personalized telephone call and a "LETTER" from Santa. Calls start December 2nd and are available in the United States. A call and a letter are $40.00. Each additional child is $15.00. 

Ask About Seasonal Characters and Carolers.  

The Grinch

You know him, you love him, you gotta have him! He's a new man- er, dog...whatever he is he's loveable and bigger than life. Bright green fur, 10-inch long fingers and a heart grown too large- this is a whole lot of attitude in a Santa suit! Invite the Grinch to your Holiday event. Walkaround only.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's that time of year!

As we approach this Holiday Season, don't forget Clown Magic in the planning of your festive occasions.

Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Elves, Reindeer, Xmas Fairies, Yuletide Singers, Doo Wop Christmas, Barber Shop Quartets/Duos, Trios, Victorian Carolers, Singing Toy Soldiers, Pianists, Singing Mistletoes, Elf Face Painter & Balloon Artist, Frost the Snowman, Live 7 ft Tall Xmas Talking Trees, Puppet Shows, Mouse, etc..

For Corporate Events, Private Holiday Parties, Department Stores, Malls...

Santa's Reindeer

When your Christmas activity needs that extra special something, add "LIVE" Reindeer to truly enhance the Holiday Spirit.

Indoors or Outdoors fencing provided.

Advance booking of one month required

Santa & Santa Reindeer w/Santa Sleigh
Dwarf or Tall Elves too for Hire

Excellent for:

Holiday Tree Lightings

Holiday Festivals

Corporate & Private Events

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus
Comedy Duo
Mr. & Mrs. Santa
One Hour Show Consists of:
Christmas Story
Music, Songs & Dance
Pictures with Mr. & Mrs. Claus
Giving Out of Gifts

Christmas Carolers NYC

Caroling NYC

Victorian Carolers

Request 2, 3, or 4 Carolers

Santa's Gift of Giving Magic Show


A full bearded Santa does the show. A child is flown around the world on Santa's sleigh and brings back a string of flags from around the world. The children help Santa make gifts for him to deliver on Christmas Eve. Paper dolls are cut and join hands magically with the magic words, "Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards All". Silk scarves with scenes of Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and the Day of the Three Kings are introduced. All four holidays combine together into a map of the world with the advice that "Santa thinks that no matter what holiday someone celebrates, people are the same all over the world".

Note: 45 minute magic show. Optional: Hire Santa Rich after the show for 1 or 2 hours to spread good cheer, photo posing, taking wishes, gift giving, etc...


Musical Puppet Show with Holiday Songs and lots of participation. Holiday Songs include Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer, Winter Wonderland, and the Dreidle Song, among others. The performer can come as an Elf or Holiday Fairy.

The show consists of songs, puppets and musical activities, all geared for 1 - 5 year olds. The puppets are very friendly looking and age appropriate, and the songs are the ones that children are familiar with, so that they can sing along. There is no puppet stage - the performer sits on the floor with the children and has the puppets in a brightly colored bag. She takes them out one at a time to do the songs. She also does some songs with movement, so that the children are not sitting the whole time. The show usually runs about 45 minutes long.

Bring Frosty inside this year with your very own Snowman

Frosty the Snowman

There 's no better way to make this a COOL Christmas

And Much More...
Arts & Crafts Balloon Decor Contortionist
Mariachi Bands Unicyclist Uncle Sam on Stilts