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Fairy Tale Characters

1. Barbie: Lets have a Barbie party! Barbie can arrive dressed in her prettiest party dress as your special guest. Program can include face-painting,  animal balloons, songs & games.
2. The Little Mermaid: Pretty princess of the sea! Lively program can include music, sing-a-long games, face painting & animal balloons.
3. Cinderella: The heroine of this most famous fairy-tale comes to life at your party dressed in her beautiful ball gown. With a bipity-bopity-boo she can transform the children into princesses and heroes with face painting and animal balloons. Prince performer available.

4. Tinkerbell: Lovely winged fairy, protector and friend of children everywhere, will bring music, face painting and animal balloons, dancing and games.
5. Esmerelda: The heroine of this famous story comes to life at your party. Program can include face-painting, animal balloons, dancing and games.
*Activities vary with amount of kids*

Fairy Tale Princesses
Duo or Trio Show

...Moms, now your little girl's wishes can come true

Your Selections: 
Snow White
Tinker Bell
Basic Princess
Sleeping Beauty 

Show Includes:
Princess Magic Show 
Face Painting & Photo Posing
Modeling & Animal Balloon Sculptures

Note: Best availability all 5 boroughs of New York for the duo or trio show only.
Mom's on your invites, ask kids to come dressed as Princess - but not necessary. 

Hanna Montana

 If your daughter is a Hanna Montana Number One Fan...

 Here is the show for her.

 Program includes:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Animal Balloons

 Note: Magic Show & Face Painting available in some areas. 

 A "Real" performer not a costume big headed character.

Celebrate A Rocking Party


Using original songs, stories, movement, dance and props, Karen, as The Lady of the Rainbow, captivates her audience and gives them an uplifting, joyous, and memorable experience!

The children have an exhilarating time lifting a beautiful rainbow parachute, playing musical instruments, twirling colorful boas, dancing with the Lady of the Rainbow, and listening to her magical story.

Woven into all aspects of Karen�s performances are the ideals of sharing, humanity, and good will. The heart of the show is the concept of love, kindness and caring, which she conveys to her audience "from heart to heart."

Karen has been a children's entertainer for 18 years. She has worked with more than 50,000 children in over 1,800 interactive shows, performed at libraries, schools, camps, private parties and community events.

Exciting lighting effects are used during the show and dazzling multi-colored stickers are given out to the children.


Clown Magic Party Entertainment is proud to present a new addition to our party services. Our office received an overwhelming amount of requests for the Tea Party, and that got us thinking... and moving! We've based our Tea Party on the ones we had as kids, as well as our customer suggestions and requests. This "show" works best with kids of ages 4 to 9 years old.

Customer has his/her choice of female character:
  • Barbie
  • Esmeralda
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine
  • Beauty
  • Cinderella
  • Mermaid
  • Dorothy of Oz
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • And More...

Can include Face Painting & Balloon Animals
Note: Guest of honor supplies the tea set, juice & treats

Tales by Terri

It's Storytime!It's storytime!!! For a birthday celebration packed with action, imagination and lots of participation, Terri's Tales tops the best seller list. As a storyteller, mime, actress and drama teacher, Terri captivates audiences of all ages with her lively interactive performances. From her bright and colorful outfit to her distinct character voices, she's an entertainer with flair. While performing traditional fables, legends, fairytales and other popular favorites, Terri lets children take the lead and dictate the performance's outcome. While the plot unravels, funny twists and surprise endings add to the adventure. As an extra special treat, Terri personalizes her performances by enacting a story written by the birthday child. Children can write an original story prior to the party and send it to Terri. On the day of the party, she'll perform the child's very own story and present him or her with a Terri Tale Award. In addition to the creative dramatics and improvisational fun, musical accompaniment, clowning, balloons, face painting are also available. Terri masterfully turns guests into their favorite animal, clown, princess or any popular character of their choice. Turn your child's birthday into a creative, imaginative adventure!

Glinda The "Good" Witch
Directly From Wiz Of Oz 

Splendidly dressed in a beautiful pink ball gown - Glinda can delight the young and old at heart.... 

(Specialty Show)

Program can include:

Magic Show

Face Painting

Balloon Animals


Miss Christie's Specialty Parties

Ballet Party
  • Introductions/Warm Up
  • Using your imagination (cooking, putting on make-up, beautiful dresses)
  • Learn Basic Ballet Steps (positions, turns, balancing)
  • Walking like Ballerina/Princess
  • Improvisation (Freeze Dance)
  • Story
Musical Theatre Party
  • Introductions/Warm Up
  • Learn simple Dance steps (jazz square, pivot turn)
  • Dances and Games
  • Learn Choreography/Performance
Hip Hop Party
  • Introductions/Warm Up
  • Learn simple Dance steps
  • Line Dances, Freeze Dance
  • Learn Choreography/Performance
Basic Dance Party
  • Introductions/Warm Up
  • Line Dances
  • Musical Games
  • Learn Choreography
Princess/Character Party
  • Face Painting
  • Musical Games
  • Photos
  • Balloons (if time permits)
Characters: Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Princess Barbie, Tinkerbell, Dora


From the Silly Sofa TV Show with Doll Molly

Is a delightful and petite non-threatening clowny character. Program can include face-painting, animal balloons, songs & games.

Glamour & Glitter Parties

Girls just want to have fun!

Hair Designs, Make-up, Nail Painting, Dancing & more...

Activities for boys too!


Specialty Shows by Karen
A Magical Hour or Two of Children's Entertainment
Favorite Children's Characters Come to Life
With a personal and endearing style, Karen captivates her audience with seven different shows bursting with creativity, charm and imagination. Using magic, song dance, drama, instruments, theatrical props and audience participation.
Choose from many Storybook Themes or Disco Barbie
Belle Cinderella Snow White
Little Mermaid Princess Jasmine Disco Barbie
Ages 2-11
Note: Available mainly on Long Island & Queens - Limited availability other areas.

  Shannon as Brittany

Four Songs, accompanied by Dance Routines, Meeting & Greeting, Picture Taking, Signing Autographs... & more

One Hour Performance

Other Brittany's also available if Shannon is booked

Kid's Theme Parties & Entertainment

Make your Childs Birthday Party Unforgettable

American Idol / Karaoke Party

Who can resist being a STAR for the day! This is a lot of fun. Includes the Karaoke machine, table, two microphones, Disco Ball, Hundreds of Songs to choose from, and sign up sheets. Host will act as judge and helps cheer your guests on to help discover the hidden stars within while respecting those who rather just watch. Fun for the whole family and a memory that will last a lifetime! LENGTH: 2 hours. Recommended Ages: 10+

Girl's "Glamour" Parties

This party is designed for up to eight girls, each girl will have their makeup applied along with their hair styled! All girls are encouraged to bring their fanciest clothes as at the end we have catwalk practice and will take tons of glamour pictures which will be emailed to the birthday girl. LENGTH: 1 1/2 - 2 Hours. Recommended Ages: 6-12.

Girl's "Spa" Parties

This party is designed for up to eight girls, each girl is pampered by enjoying minute massage each (shoulders / neck / hand), manicure (shaping / painting), age appropriate facials and will participate to make a very nutritious fruit smoothie! The backdrop to this party will be classical music along with candles / aroma therapy. Additionally, all girls will participate in a birthday project to be given to the birthday girl at end of party. Magazines and activity books will be brought to keep girls amused as they wait their turns. Participants are requested to wear robes. LENGTH: 1 1/2 Hours. Recommended Ages: 3-12.

Train Conductor Party

All Kids love TRAINS!

Invite the Magical Train Conductor to your child's party. An award winning party entertainer with over 20 years Family Entertainment experience. David will lead your little passengers on a wild ride of imaginative adventure in his special sit down stage show and on their feet participatory fun! Activities include bubble stunts, real magic, sing-a-longs, cooperation and challenge games, a visit with the furry sidekick "Rocky" and loads of slapstick silliness.

Don't miss the fun - have a great TRAIN PARTY

Recommended Ages: 3-6 years

Super Hero Parties

1. Batman: Consists of storytelling, magic face painting, balloon animals, kiddy friendly karate moves, etc.. Beautiful Costume!
2. Spiderman: Everyone's favorite super hero! High energy program with age appropriate games, animal balloons, face painting and lots of fun!
3. Power Rangers: Fill your party with fun and excitement. Children are invited to participate in organized games such as power ball, ranger says, limbo and dodge ball. Includes face painting & balloon animals.
Also Available: Superman Show

*Activities vary with amount of kids*

Batman & Robin

...invite this "Dynamic Duo" at your next party and watch the excitement unfold... an all time kids favorite

Show includes:
**Batman Magic Show
**Face Painting
**Animal Balloon Sculptures
Simple Defense Moves
Updates in Gotham City

The SuperHero Trio Party

Super Hero Adventures  - Non Stop Action!
Birthday child & friends defeating the bad guys & saving the world!
Your choice of 3 heroes:
Spider Man Batman Superman The Hulk Red Ranger
Ninja Turtle
Program includes: Superhero Magic Show, Group Games, Face Painting, Dancing, Balloon Animals, Top Secret Moves, Kicks & Tricks, and Photo Posing

4 or 5 Heroes also available

Note: Until further notice, this "Specialty Show" available in Manhattan & The Bronx only

Power Ranger Duo Show
Red and Black Rangers

Action! Action! Stopping the forces of evil .....


face painting

animal balloons

magic show

activities vary with amount of kids

Non Stop Action!!



No need to invite Batman, Superman or Wonderwoman to
your child's party- They are ALREADY THERE! After all
it's the KIDS who really want TO BE the superhero.
Invite everyone to come dressed as their favorite
superhero and have Sgt. Major MAJOR, Superhero
Dispatcher, organize them into a lean, mean LAUGHING

Sgt. Major MAJOR, dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit

and beret, leads your little superkids in adventure
play and silly challenges. They'll use their own
'super-powers' to accomplish real MAGIC, rescue
stuffed animals and complete cooperative games like
Tunnel Crawl, Escape Chute, etc. and ultimately save
the Earth from a rouge meteor shower!

This isn't just one Superhero visiting your home but
the entire HALL OF JUSTICE brought to life by NY
Magazines 'Best of Kids 2007' 
and award winning family entertainer David.

Ages 5-7



Dressed in an action
jumpsuit, goggles and equipment belt, Sgt. Major MAJOR
arrives to make your next party both hilarious and
Little firefighters will go on a "Day-in-the-Life" of
a firefighter recruit but with a silly twist!
Kids will enjoy a sit-down-stage-show as Sgt. Major
MAJOR uses real magic, song and audience
participation. Then he'll  turn up the heat in an
on-their-feet section that includes a review of STOP!
DROP! & ROLL!, nonsensical challenge games and relays
to develop speed and agility; teamwork games, balance
challenges and giggle competitions too!
This isn't just a clown visiting your home but the
entire Firefighter Experience with FUN brought to life
by NY Magazines 'Best of Kids 2007' and award winning
family entertainer David.

Ages 5-9

Pirate Show

Billy Bones the Good Pirate!

Mr. Bones is an elaborately costumed, affable bumpkin of a Pirate, equipped with a treasure chest full of piratical gags, up close magic and participatory fun.

Kids and parents alike join his "Pirate Training Academy". New recruits are lead in "Patented Pirate Lessons", interactive games, a pirate poem or "rap" song, nonsensical competitions, and meet his furry first mate Rocky the Raccoon! Face painting, tattoos and an obstacle-course type treasure hunt are optional fun. Walkaround, stage show & birthdays.

Recommended Ages: 4-9 years


A true Jedi arrives at your party and leads your children in the ways of the Force. Appropriate for girls and boys ages 5-8, this winning party is two shows in one.. A sit down stage show with adept magic, fantastic bubble-play, puppetry and slapstick comedy then an action-section of on-their-feet games, fun challenges, relays ending in a Light Saber Lesson and graduation ceremony from the Academy. Uncommon party with an out of this world entertainer David.


Cap'n Mary's Pirate Treasure Hunt

Cap'n Mary Whoever said girls can't be pirates, never met the Captain of the Barking Weasel! Based on research of the real-life pirate Mary Reade, Cap'n Mary takes boys and girls alike along a mischievous adventure for buried treasure! Kids enjoy pirate lessons, sea shanties, swashbuckling, and a wacky search for where "X" marks the spot!

Pirate Show New York

Wild, Wild, Willy, the Pirate!!!

A Unique Magic Show

Sword Animal Balloon Sculptors

Face Painting (Skulls, Scars, X-Bones, Eye Patches, etc..)

Mock Treasure Hunt with Prizes suggested (Moms supply)

Ages 3 and up


Have THE PIRATE CIRCUS host your birthday party or special event!

Available for pillaging, plundering, and the odd birthday party� Both Pirates offer an uncommon blend of theatrics, clown skills, and a refreshing attitude towards children that prompt adults to ask them back again and again.  Creating a fully realized environment that sweeps the whole audience into the world of the party, these pirates weave magic, puppetry, face-painting, juggling, storytelling and more into a high quality entertainment experience that kids and parents alike will love!  They do parties you wish someone had done when you were a kid!

Each event is really two shows in one: a sit-down stage show and an active �on-their-feet� section. All party programs use age-appropriate material and are non-gender specific. They can adapt to each event�s particular environment, and can create customized characters.

Little buccaneers will enjoy on-their-feet participation.

No lubber is left behind on this voyage or mirth, where fair-play, team-work and cooperation are the order of the day!

Professor HackenSneezes'
Wizard Training Academy

In the style of HARRY POTTER a black robed wizard of the lower order senses the presence of greatness in this band of Muggles and decides to make a house call!

The Professor, a gracious bumbling goofball with an English accent, takes his little charges through creative dramatic "Wizard Lessons", a series of nonsensical participatory games and fun group challenges. Themes of co-operation, direction-taking and the "Golden Rule" are stressed. Then follows a sit-down stage show with real Magic, Juggling, a fantastical view into the Professors' "Wizard Kit", and a visit from Rocky (an amazingly life-like puppet). All this culminating in a swearing-in ceremony and presentation of fun diplomas to take home and color!@

Ages 4-11. 45-60 mins.

Face Painting/Temp Tattoos - Extra (Lightning Bolt, Celestial Swirls, etc..

  Dino Hunter -or- Stuffed Animal Safari -or- Curious Monkey Party

Get ready for a Jungle Adventure with Professor Livingpebble's Adventure Show.

The Performer will lead your little Adventurers on a hilarious and challenging quest of imaginative adventure. This special event is two shows in one: a site down stage show and audience participation. Activities include real magic, bubble stunts, sing a-longs, cooperation and challenge games and loads of slapstick fun.

Explore the jungle, the sea or the desert in this wonderful party.

NOTE: 3 Different Shows (themes & games differ for each)

  • NOTE: Dino Hunter Show for ages 5-7

  • Curious George Show for ages 3-5

  • Stuffed Animal Safari Show for ages 5-7

Jack the Hoop Wizard
A fun, hilarious, 45-minute, interactive basketball show. The Hoop Wizard is world renowned for his trickery and antics with basketballs. A basketball entertainer for most of his life, Jack is a former member of the Harlem Wizards, having been with them for four years, and was also invited to the N.J. Nets Free Agent Rookie Camp in 1990. Your child will be the star of the day. Jack comes fully prepared with basketballs to spin, tricks and fun games for all. Your child will be given extra attention from The Hoop Wizard, but the party will not end until every child spins a basketball on his own. Parties can take place at a gym, party space, backyard or driveway. This is a party that will not be forgotten! "Shooting, dribbling, tricks . . .


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