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A Division of Clown Magic Party Entertainment 

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Exclusively providing CLOWNS ONLY in all "MAJOR CITIES" across the United States

(Exception: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut - in these three (3) states, we offer Full Service Party Entertainment)

Toll Free Telephone Number Pending

We do not accept calls from those who block their number. Please dial *82 before calling.

We service all Major Cities in All States. 

Here are a few of the Most Requested Places we have Clown Services:

Atlanta Clowns
Bronx Clowns
Brooklyn Clowns
Chicago Clowns
Cleveland Clowns
Clown And Houston
Clown Austin
Clown Boston
Clown Dallas
Clown Detroit
Clown Entertainment In NY
Clown Fort Worth
Clown Fremont
Clown Illinois
Clown In California
Clown In Chicago
Clown In Houston
Clown In Los Angeles
Clown In Maryland
Clown In Miami
Clown In NC
Clown In New Jersey
Clown In NJ
Clown In Orange County
Clown Indiana
Clown Kentucky
Clown Los Angeles
Clown Maryland
Clown Michigan
Clown New Orleans
Clown New York
Clown NY
Clown Oakland
Clown Orange County
Clown Philadelphia
Clown Phoenix
Clown Pittsburgh
Clown Portland
Clown Sacramento
Clown San Antonio
Clown San Diego
Clown San Francisco
Clown San Jose
Clown Seattle
Clown St Louis
Clowns Of America
CT Clowns
Indianapolis Clowns
Long Island Clowns
NC Clowns
New Jersey Clowns
NJ Clowns
North Carolina Clowns
Ohio Clowns
Party Clown Houston

Here are a few of the States we offer Clowning in America:

Alabama Clowns
Alaska Clowns
Arizona Clowns
Arkansas Clowns
California Clowns
Colorado Clowns
Connecticut Clowns
Delaware Clowns
Florida Clowns
Georgia Clowns
Hawaii Clowns
Idaho Clowns
Illinois Clowns
Indiana Clowns
Iowa Clowns
Kansas Clowns
Kentucky Clowns
Louisiana Clowns
Maine Clowns
Maryland Clowns
Massachusetts Clowns
Michigan Clowns
Minnesota Clowns
Mississippi Clowns
Missouri Clowns
Montana Clowns
Nebraska Clowns
Nevada Clowns
New Hampshire Clowns
New Jersey Clowns
New Mexico Clowns
New York Clowns
North Carolina Clowns
North Dakota Clowns
Ohio Clowns
Oklahoma Clowns
Oregon Clowns
Pennsylvania Clowns
Rhode Island Clowns
South Carolina Clowns
South Dakota Clowns
Tennessee Clowns
Texas Clowns
Utah Clowns
Vermont Clowns
Virginia Clowns
Washington Clowns
West Virginia Clowns
Wisconsin Clowns
Wyoming Clowns

Here are some of the Major Cities we offer Clown Parties & Party Clowns in:

Abilene Clowns 
Albany Clowns 
Alexandria Clowns 
Alpena Clowns 
Altoona Clowns 
Amarillo Clowns 
Anchorage Clowns 
Anniston Clowns 
Ardmore Clowns 
Atlanta Clowns 
Augusta Clowns 
Austin Clowns 
Bakersfield Clowns 
Baltimore Clowns 
Bangor Clowns 
Baton Rouge Clowns 
Bay Area Clowns
Beaumont Clowns
Bend Clowns 
Billings Clowns 
Biloxi Clowns 
Binghamton Clowns 
Birmingham Clowns 
Bismarck Clowns 
Bluefield Clowns 
Boise Clowns 
Boston Clowns 
Bowling Green Clowns 
Bryan Clowns
Buffalo Clowns 
Burlington Clowns 
Butte Clowns 
Cadillac Clowns 
Casper Clowns
Cedar Rapids Clowns
Champaign Clowns 
Charleston Clowns 
Charlotte Clowns 
Charlottesville Clowns 
Chattanooga Clowns 
Cheyenne Clowns 
Chicago Clowns 
Chico Clowns
Cincinnati Clowns 
Clarksburg Clowns
Cleveland Clowns 
College Station Clowns 
Colorado Springs Clowns
Columbia Clowns 
Columbus Clowns 
Corpus Christi Clowns 
Dallas Clowns
Davenport Clowns
Dayton Clowns 
Denver Clowns 
Des Moines Clowns 
Detroit Clowns 
Dothan Clowns 
Duluth Clowns
Durham Clowns 
Eau Claire Clowns 
El Paso Clowns 
Elmira Clowns 
Erie Clowns 
Eugene Clowns 
Eureka Clowns 
Evansville Clowns 
Fairbanks Clowns 
Fargo Clowns 
Flint Clowns
Florence Clowns 
Fort Myers Clowns
Fort Smith Clowns 
Fort Wayne Clowns 
Fort Worth Clowns 
Fresno Clowns 
Gainesville Clowns 
Glendive Clowns 
Grand Junction Clowns 
Grand Rapids Clowns 
Great Falls Clowns 
Green Bay Clowns 
Greenville Clowns 
Hampton Roads Clowns
Harlingen Clowns 
Harrisburg Clowns 
Harrisonburg Clowns 
Hartford Clowns
Hattiesburg Clowns 
Helena Clowns 
Honolulu Clowns 
Houston Clowns 
Huntington Clowns 
Huntsville Clowns 
Idaho Falls Clowns
Indianapolis Clowns 
Jackson Clowns 
Jacksonville Clowns 
Jefferson City Clowns 
Johnstown Clowns
Jonesboro Clowns 
Joplin Clowns 
Kansas City Clowns 
Kirksville Clowns 
Klamath Falls Clowns 
Knoxville Clowns 
La Crosse Clowns
Lafayette Clowns 
Lake Charles Clowns 
Lansing Clowns 
Laredo Clowns 
Las Vegas Clowns 
Lawton Clowns 
Lexington Clowns 
Lima Clowns 
Lincoln Clowns 
Little Rock Clowns 
Los Angeles Clowns 
Louisville Clowns 
Lubbock Clowns 
Lynchburg Clowns 
Macon Clowns 
Madison Clowns 
Mankato Clowns 
Marquette Clowns 
Mason City Clowns 
Medford Clowns
Memphis Clowns 
Meridian Clowns 
Miami Clowns 
Milwaukee Clowns 
Minneapolis Clowns
Missoula Clowns 
Mobile Clowns
Moline Clowns 
Monroe Clowns 
Monterey Clowns
Montgomery Clowns 
Naples Clowns 
Nashville Clowns 
New Haven Clowns 
New Orleans Clowns 
New York Clowns 
North Platte Clowns 
Odessa Clowns 
Oklahoma City Clowns 
Omaha Clowns 
Orlando Clowns 
Ottumwa Clowns
Paducah Clowns 
Palm Springs Clowns 
Panama City Clowns 
Parkersburg Clowns 
Pensacola Clowns 
Peoria/Bloomington Clowns 
Philadelphia Clowns 
Phoenix Clowns 
Pittsburgh Clowns 
Pocatello Clowns 
Port Arthur Clowns 
Portland Clowns 
Presque Isle Clowns 
Providence Clowns 
Pueblo Clowns 
Quincy Clowns 
Raleigh Clowns
Rapid City Clowns 
Redding Clowns 
Reno Clowns 
Rhinelander Clowns 
Richmond Clowns 
Riverton Clowns 
Roanoke Clowns
Rochester Clowns 
Rockford Clowns 
Sacramento Clowns 
Saginaw Clowns 
Saint Joseph Clowns 
Saint Louis Clowns 
Saint Paul Clowns 
Salem Clowns 
Salisbury Clowns 
Salt Lake City Clowns 
San Angelo Clowns 
San Antonio Clowns 
San Diego Clowns 
San Francisco Clowns
Santa Barbara Clowns 
Santa Fe Clowns 
Savannah Clowns 
Scranton Clowns 
Seattle Clowns 
Shreveport Clowns 
Sioux City Clowns 
Sioux Falls Clowns 
South Bend Clowns 
Spartanburg Clowns 
Spokane Clowns 
Springfield Clowns 
Steubenville Clowns 
Superior Clowns 
Syracuse Clowns 
Tallahassee Clowns 
Tampa Bay Clowns 
Terre Haute Clowns 
Toledo Clowns 
Topeka Clowns 
Traverse City Clowns
Tri-Cities Clowns 
Tucson Clowns Tuscon Clowns
Tulsa Clowns 
Tupelo Clowns 
Tuscaloosa Clowns 
Twin Falls Clowns 
Tyler Clowns 
Urbana Clowns
Utica Clowns 
Victoria Clowns 
Washington D.C. Clowns Washington DC Clowns
Waterloo Clowns 
Watertown Clowns 
Wausau Clowns
West Palm Beach Clowns 
Weston Clowns 
Wheeling Clowns
Wichita Clowns 
Wichita Falls Clowns
Wilkes Barre Clowns
Wilmington Clowns 
Winston Clowns
Youngstown Clowns 
Yuma Clowns 
Zanesville Clowns

Don't see your city listed? Please ask.

Telephone Number: 212-544-8153 - Extension USA - Ask for Ivanna

If your event is in NY, NJ, PA,or CT - please call 212-544-8153

We do not accept calls from those who block their number. Please dial *82 before calling.

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