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ClownMagic is a FULL SERVICE PARTY COMPANY servicing the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut areas. We specialize in ENTERTAINMENT for Schools, Birthdays, Hospitals, Synagogues, Churches, Day Care Centers, Camps, Girl/Boy Scout Functions, Libraries, Bridal/Baby Showers, Corporate Picnics, Store Promotions, Special Functions, Christenings, Communions, Roasts, Reunions, Fund Raisers, Community Events, Engagements, Get-Wells, Children/Adults with Disabilities, Sweet 16's, Purim, Holiday Parties, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Quarterly/Annual Dinners, Trade Shows, Bon Voyage Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sporting Events, Festivals, Street Fairs, Block Parties, Advertising/Film/TV/Magazines/ Commercials, or any other occasion you can think of.


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Go America

Go America

Remember the Heroes!


Now Accepting Reservations - Please Book Early 



Ask about our 


for Halloween

Also Face Painters & Balloonists

The Haunted Castle Halloween Puppet Show

Performed by a Witch

Delightful, sophisticated and dressed for Halloween with Autumn Garlands and scary Pumpkins the "Haunted Fairytale Castle Puppet Theater" performs a one hour show of three scary fairytales, featuring the gremlin of Rumpelstiltskin and the Witch of Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. This show offers Halloween Music, including everyone's favorite the Monster Mash pre show dance music plus a magical opening and closing featuring two exciting illusions. Dressed up for Halloween in her Witches garb this show is performed by professional puppeteer and magician.

6 Foot Tall Castle Complete With Music

One Hour

Wizard of Oz Halloween Puppet Show

Join Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road to lots of fun! This show features 2 costumed characters, puppets, and audience participation. One performer plays the part of Dorothy, while the other narrates and takes on the roles of the Wizard and the Doorman of Oz. The puppets are Aunt Em, and Uncle Henry, Glenda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, and of course, Toto.

The children also participate by playing the parts of the Tornado and the fun loving Munchkins. Three children will play the roles of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man (or Tin Girl), and the Cowardly Lion. All of the children will play the Yellow Brick Road Game, follow Dorothy to Oz, and help her find her way back home.

This show is fast-paced, colorful, and includes lots of audience participation. Ideal for boys and girls ages 4 to 8.

Musical Halloween Puppet Show
(for younger kids)

Musical Puppet Show with Songs, Puppets, and Musical Activities. Witch and Ghost Puppets are part of the show. Includes Halloween Songs, Rhymes, and FingerPlays, and also Freeze Dancing with Scarves to Halloween Music. This is perfect for ages 1 to 4.

OLLIELAND - A world renowned puppeteer and storytelling wizard, will take the kids ages 2-8 on a fantastic adventure to "Ollieland" where they will sing, dance and share entertainment feast for the whole family.


"Ollie and the Puppets of Ollieland" ... a forty to fifty minute sing-a-long, interactive adventure. Meet Queen Cassandra, King Mervin, Sheriff Freddie Fox, Rudy Rabbit, and many more lovable characters as well as the villainous Bad News Bazooka. The kids have fun as they help the good guys squelch Bad News' evil deeds every time!

It's the children that bring love back to "Ollieland"

One Person Show "Entertainer Extraordinaire"  

Let Ollie bring his touring family to your event!

Halloween Version Available

The Wacky Variety Puppet Show


Join them as they welcome you into their wacky world of fun & fantasy!! Meet Frank, Chancey, Mr Clown Face, Hoppy, and their other puppet pals in a land filled with ventriloquism, magic, guitar, sing-a-longs, and musical games!!
  • Shows can be adapted for ages 1-3 or ages 4-8 or a combination of both.
  • Two Person Puppet Variety!
  • Birthday Party Show: For about 20 kids w/Balloon Animals. Length: 1 hour
  • Larger Show: For more than 40 kids. No balloons. With sound system. Length: 45 minutes.

NOTE: Both the birthday party & the larger show versions are available with or without a stage-- Please specify!

Halloween Version Available


The Pumpkin Carving Wizard

The Artist takes an ordinary piece of fruit and creates dynamic sculptures that enliven any room with their personality and inner light. He's an original artist whose talent for carving pumpkins and watermelons has made him in demand for parties and events throughout the United States.

For over 25 years he has been carving spectacular gourds for every holiday or special occasion. Although he is most famous for his pumpkin work around Halloween and Thanksgiving, his amazing watermelon carvings are in demand all year round. 




By Jimmy The Magician

Straight from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - It's Harry Potter! 

You can have Harry come to your party and watch as he dazzles you with Magic and tells Stories from his Adventures at Hogwarts. He will levitate objects, practice his potions and do a whirlwind of Magic tricks that is sure to turn heads - 

45 min shows - 15 min of Balloons - Magician dresses as character of Harry.

Halloween 2016
Ask about specialty magic shows

Magicians can dress as Wizard, Dracula , Vampire, Witch,  Scarecrow or regular outfit
Advanced Booking Required


Halloween Magic! If you're having a Halloween party, try adding a little fun and mystery with our special Halloween Magic Show! We have shows for schools, daycares and other children's events, as well as Magician/Comedians for adult get-togethers!


Helga or Diabolica the Witch













Special Note: Activities vary based on amounts of kids. Face painting and balloon animals can be included.


Lufa The Scarecrow

A Living Halloween Tradition

Lufa is as close to an authentic scarecrow as you can get. Stuffed with cornhusks and good cheer, Lufa looks just like Ray Bolger’s famous character! 

One of Lufa’s specialties is the illusion of the ‘Living Statue’ - absolute stillness repeatedly broken by amusing physical antics. Of course discretion is always used whether he’s scary for adults and older kids or just plain silly for the little ones. 

Set the Scarecrow near your pumpkins, corn sheaves, or other decorations. Lufa has a variety of gags and Halloween fun up his sleeve including ‘Barnyard Boogie’, magic tricks and even Scarecrow Lessons! Walkaround, Birthdays & Stage Shows. 









 Scary new  costume  for Halloween

 Looks like an innocent fern bush

...When your guests come near it





A great conversational piece  they'll  remember for  years to come.

 ... Wonderful addition to any special occasion/event.

Note:   Not for Halloween  only  


$650.00/2 HRS

$500.00/1 HR

Bride of Frankenstein

Candy Witch

Dracula Vampire Stiltwalker

Halloween Stiltwalker

Back to School

For: Schools/Day Cares - Weekdays Only

Mention Extension "ABC" & Receive $10 Off

A Dragon In The Castle - 

Does your child enjoy a fantasy world of knights, princesses, castles and quests?  Welcome to our Medieval Knight Show in which a mischievous Dragon has stolen a precious mirror and sword from an enchanted castle!  Two jesters are looking for a child to undertake an exciting quest to retrieve these treasures.  But the Birthday Child cannot do it alone.  Lots of help will be needed from other members of the audience!  What will happen when they match wits with the mysterious Guardian of the Forest? How will they trick the Black Knight into letting them continue their journey? And what will happen when they finally meet up with the fiery Dragon?

This lively and funny show consists of 2 costumed performers, a Dragon puppet and lots of audience participation. 

Ideal for boys and girls ages 5 – 7

NOTE: Available All Year

Leprechauns - Erin Go Bragh!

Accentuate your festivities with the following:

Lucky The Leprechaun

A Dwarf Performer - 3 ft tall - in authentic costume

Ask about: Dwarf/Little People For Walk-Around Comedy


Dwarf Bartending

Dwarf Singing Telegrams

Dwarf Exotic Dancers

Call 212-544-8153. Please ask for ext. W317 & receive $10 off

NOTE: Available All Year

Leprechaun Jon

Dwarf Leprechauns

Ask About Leprechaun Stiltwalker

St Patricks Day Entertainment, St Patricks NYC

St Patricks Day Entertainment

St Patricks NYC - St Patricks New York

Leprechaun Stiltwalker New YorkLeprechaun Stiltwalking NYC

St Paddys Day Leprechaun - St Patricks Day Leprechaun Stiltwalker - Funny Leprechaun

Now Accepting Reservations for 3-17-2017

Don't get left out again this year.

Book your Dwarf Leprechaun Entertainment "In Advance" for March 17, 2017 today!

Mention ext W317-13 to receive $30 - $50 off. Expires 2-29-2017

Cowboy Parties

Cowboy / Western Themed Parties

Western Themed Parties

Say Goodbye to Boring Parties. Hee Haw!

  • High Energy
  • Ropin' & Whippin'
  • Comic Jinks
  • Magic Show
  • Unique Format
  • Performer Dresses as a Cowboy
  • 40-60 minutes. Can be Customized
  • Singing of Favorite Western Songs and more..
  • Full Audience Participation
  • Suitable For All Ages

Western Parties

Little People/Dwarfs

Big Pappa

"Mini-Me" & "Dr. Evil"

Are you looking for something really different & unique?

Invite a little person to your next event, they will be talking about it for months to come...

  • Dwarf singing telegrams

  • Dwarf walk-a-rounds

  • Dwarf strip-o-grams

  • Dwarf Bartending

Unique Entertainment for: Bachelor Parties / Bachelorette Parties, Bars & Clubs, Fund Raisers, Fraternity, Adult Parties, Offices, etc...

We have access to "BEETLEJUICE" (Famous Dwarf) - ask about specials with Big Papa & Beetlejuice - other little people available too...

NYC Dwarves
Scott, Craig & Vicky

Oompa Loompas, Elves, Smurfs, Dwarf Clowns


Dwarf Entertainer NYC

By Jimmy The Magician

Straight from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - It's Harry Potter! 

You can have Harry come to your party and watch as he dazzles you with Magic and tells Stories from his Adventures at Hogwarts. He will levitate objects, practice his potions and do a whirlwind of Magic tricks that is sure to turn heads - 

45 min shows - 15 min of Balloons - Magician dresses as character of Harry.

The Science Guy Presents


Electrostatic Generators

  Gooey Green Glubber

     Super Electro Magnet

        Rocket Launches

           Cooool Chemistry

                Dry Ice Capades

                    Egg Sucking Bottle

                        Psychedelic Milk

                             Party Potions


Lots of activities. Cool demonstrations. Years of local experience. Every child takes home an experiment. Inside or outside, we"ll provide the best hands on science party.

The Mad, Mad Scientist Show

Looking for an unforgettable Birthday party?

Excite your children with: Hi-Energy, Interactive "Science Shows" including effects like:

Chemical magic, laser lights, glow in the dark reactions, vortex generators, special effects, slime, electrifying experiments, rocket launches, bubbling potions, putty & tons of exciting Hands-on activities.

 No mess! Hassle Free! Safe! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Ages 5-12. Length 40-60 minutes.

Schools, Camps, Birthdays, In Class Workshops, Pre-k, After School Courses, Assemblies, Carnivals, etc..

Ask about our "Safety" School Shows.

ClownMagic Serving the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut areas. #1 in the Tri-State Area!

Clown Magic Party Entertainment
125 Seaman Ave.
New York, NY 10034
212-544-8153 Ext. 4

We do not accept calls from those who block their number. Please dial *82 before calling.

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DOC MAGIC Click Here to Donate
Click Here To Donate

Click Here For More Info On Our Programs

Traveling Hospital Clown Program

Clown Doctor Hospital Clown

If you, a friend or a family member had a sick or chronically ill child on a long hospital stay wouldn't it be wonderful to see a pair or trio of "fun-loving-jovial" clowns visit your loved one to help brighten their day; helping to alleviate the loneliness & boredom they might be experiencing while being away from home.

DOC MAGIC (DM) visits ward to ward 2-3 times a week, 50 weeks a year at major host hospitals in metropolitan areas. 

"Clown Doctors/Nurses" (Professional clowns parading as medical doctors), provides relief for sick children & their families.

DM is supported by your generous donations. Please click on the the above Donate link to help us reach more children. Many thanks for your support.


 There are five ways to donate:

  • Online --- Click on the above link

  • Via Telephone

  • Via Mail

  • Via Fax


  • At the time you book your party entertainment, please let us know the amount you wish to donate tax free.

 Special Note: We are not affiliated with The Big Apple Circus - Clown Care Unit (CCU) TM.

DOC MAGIC - Child Hospital Donation, Clown Doctor & Hospital Clown services

Our Programs:


A sick child in a hospital can be a traumatic & frightening experience. DM helps to alleviate the stress of being away from home by providing clown doctors/nurses who make clown rounds 2-3 times weekly at host hospitals in the Tri-State area.

"Send In The Clowns..."



... Where dreams do come true

In an on-going effort to brighten the lives of chronically ill children; DM grants a once-in-a-lifetime experience to children 4-15 years; the fulfillment of a cherished wish. 

The Wish could be a policeman/fireman for the day, meeting a favorite baseball star, visiting the Circus, etc..

Doctor, Nurses, Social Workers, Parents, or Caretakers: 

To Refer a Child fax all info on diagnosis & health status to: Call for fax..



Operation Red Nose TransplantsA novel way of adding additional funds for DOC MAGIC's programs, with a comical twist.

Through the selling of Red Noses each child we visit at our traveling hospital clown program receives as a gift a Red Nose to keep. DONATE A NOSE TODAY!

Suggested Prices:  Regular Clown Sponge Nose... $1.00 each. Blinking or Squeaky Nose... $2.00 each donation.

You can donate any amount. Minimum by credit card is $10.00.


"All The World Loves A Clown..."



DOC MAGIC provides a very special week long "Holiday" for groups of "Extra Special Children" who are disabled or disadvantaged.

They may be terminally ill, chronically sick, physically disabled, sensory impaired, abused, or homeless.

We desperately need your Support to continue this program. Please donate today. For ages 4-15.



1) Donate A Day:

Another way of becoming a Friend of DOC MAGIC, that appeals to many donors, is to cover the basic cost of one or several days of clowning for patients, i.e. $600 a day. We can inform you of the chosen dates by email, so that you know exactly which day you have made brighter for a hospital patient. If you wish, we can post your name and the date(s) on our website and include a dedication or an in memoriam. We will of course, be happy to receive the gift of a part of a day of clowning too -- any donation at all will be gratefully accepted.

2) Monthly Giving Program:

To help reach more children throughout the year, you can support our programs through an ongoing gift by making monthly contributions that can be automatically charged to your credit card. The Monthly Giving Program is a simple and cost-effective way to contribute to DOC MAGIC. To join call: 212-544-8153. Ask for Ext DMD.

3) Anonymous Gifts:

Donors may wish to Donate Anonymously. Please simply fill out credit card, expiration date, and amount only, or mail your check/money order.


Where Do We Go From Here

DOC MAGIC has many visions for the future. We are attempting to trademark our name and move toward national and state recognition.

Secondly, we are working on developing proposals for major financial grants to hire a full-time staff to run the group. Until we do, your support/donations are needed.

DM wishes to create a network of "on-call" clowns to travel to various hospitals, nursing homes, detention centers, and homeless shelters; and provide laughter to those that need it most when they need it the most.

With the proper grants, DM would like to travel from hospital to orphanage throughout South America & the World.

Your contribution today will help us immediately reach more children in more hospitals. With enough funding, we can expand to sending clown doctors in homes for terminally ill children who are spending their final days with family.


"Helping To Alleviate The Pain With Laughter..."

DOC MAGIC's Props & Giveaways


Coming Soon - A separate web site:


Effective January, 2007
We Now Have Two Levels of Clowns:

Level 1 -- Silver (Basic Skills)
Level 2 -- Gold "Top of the Line"  (Advanced Skills - $75 more)
*Please Specify Level When Inquiring*

E-mail us at:

Party Reservation Form

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Special Note: When inquiring about our services via E-mail, it is important that you include the following: Your Name, Telephone #'s (both Day & Evening) w/best time to reach, City & State, Month, Date, Approx. time of your event, Type of Entertainment, Amount of Kids/Hours, etc..  We customize all of our shows, therefore, we wish to speak to all of our potential customers PERSONALLY - so please call (E-mailing should be a last option) Thank you!!! CLOWNMAGIC


We are offering $5.00 - $25.00 off on all shows, but please...
mention you saw us on the INTERNET!!!

Hours: Mon - Sun. 8am - 9pm EST
Contact: Kevin

FREE PENS & MAGNETS at 212-544-8153 Ext. 4

We do not accept calls from those who block their number. Please dial *82 before calling.

All rights reserved. Redistribution, or commercial exploitation of the contents of this site are expressly prohibited without the written consent of Clown Magic Party Entertainment.

Thank you,


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